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Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Teadmill Series Review

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Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill Series Black Friday Deals 2019

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill Series Review

it’s the West slow cadence G 5.9 I so it has a few things that I like but it was literally the cheapest automatic treadmill that I could find so the couple things that it has it has the access to the I fit with bluetooth the adjustable incline if you can see here is hopefully you should have saw me dragging this damn thing let me hear it’s heavy as hell right here this little these little legs that’s the incline there’s not really an incline that is electric it’s it goes either 0% or 6% and all you’re doing is just folding the legs in something cool that I think that I like is it actually has a nice little cushion in between the actual treadmill platform which actually cushions your run and stuff like that so that’s really cool it does have a heart rate tester but other than those few things it really doesn’t have a ton of features let’s see if it says any features on here smooth quiet power easy-to-use adjustable incline ready to go programs and it’s kind of like a no-frills thing it’s cool because you can hook up like your tablet or whatever to it and then you can through I fit you can actually you know run different trails around the world and stuff like that I’m not really super keen on that I just want to be able to run without the pain of the trail I’m currently doing a 10k training I ran a 5k the other day in a pretty good time my best time I will say I think this box is probably I had to guess like 200 pounds so you’ll probably need some help it’s about a six foot tall box so remember that keep that mine opening it’s actually pretty well packed somebody totally I was knocking over some of these boxes are actually freak freak me out as far as how poorly they’re factored this one actually doesn’t seem that bad the price of course was okay we’re gonna weigh down was 287 plus tax so that comes to roughly about three hundred dollars yeah you know I had to make it I don’t know why I had that think of that first thing that we got oh it does by the way pulled up and it has easy storage which is kind of cool if you guys haven’t checked out our Facebook group we have an awesome family they’re called healthy living for a healthy life amazing members I got the handles and locking mechanism there and everything’s actually pretty well packed and nice I hope it’s not like a time assembly let’s be honest ain’t nobody got time for that crap I think got time to that do that but you’re welcome to come over and help me or you could even do it for me okay so that’s cool let’s go only a few bolts and it’s got right there that little red thing right there is actually the emergency stop so you’re supposed to be able to tie – like your pants or something like that or your hand and then if you some reason fell off the damn treadmill then it emergency stopped probably so it doesn’t scrape your face off you know I know that’s kind of graphic but it’s the truth you got to use your manual here yeah it comes with an optional and they say optional because I don’t do it but it’s got an extended two-year warranty for like $28 through Walmart oh here’s the features so it’s got a two point five horsepower drive system that’s the motor I know I’m all upside down the I felt like I said the the tread belt the platform is actually 16 inches by 50 inches it’s got the comfort cell cushioning that’s what I was telling you about so when you run it kind of smooths that out for joints joint health it’s got a two position adjustable incline like I said it’s got the space saver design in a created device shelf so on the top it actually has a neat little I’ll show you it in a minute but it’s got a platform where you can put your tablet or a book or whatever you want it’s got a large LCD window 5 by 7 matrix display the display I’m gonna tell you right now it’s like no frills it doesn’t have no speakers or nothing like that it’s got 0 point 0 to 10 miles an hour it’s got 6 workout apps I actually did not know that it’s got the thumb pulse heart rate which you actually just put your heart or your you put your heart put your heart on the freaking thing you don’t put your hair up you put your finger on 275 wait wait capacity which is kind of nice to know one year mortar mortar warrant one year motor warranty and 90 days parts and labor warranty so all in all I mean it’s kind of it’s like your little budget deal but for the price I don’t think that’s too terribly bad start my video over because though the wall is it’s goodness okay I’m back so I wonder where the display and stuff like that is that’s efficient so next and you might want to get a friend to help you with this and the sucker that was the phone it’s cool it’s cold don’t worry don’t freak out those dogs going okay I definitely recommend holy crap oh my gosh okay looks like that’s it right there this thing’s actually really well packed I will say that good job Walmart good job so if I can give you a better view here hopefully better view okay so let me see if I can do this real quick so to give you a view of the treadmill the platform is actually a good size I’m kind of a big guy well maybe I just think that I don’t know but it’s not very small if you can see your feet I don’t think you’re gonna have any problem with the side-to-side it’s not going to be like the size of a gym treadmill but it’s definitely not super super tiny so that’s nice see here I will say I was kind of slightly disappointed that the platform was not a little bit wider I don’t know why but it just makes me feel like you know I could kind of run around and stuff and I don’t know if that’s even necessary but I kind of thought it would be cool so I don’t want to walk you through putting together the thing necessarily but I do want to show you the display versus what okay so coming over here if you can see hopefully let’s see if we can scan in real quick autofocus and so this right here is going to be the thumb so you do that to check your heart rate you got the start button apparently you need to register your machine I need to oh that’s cool you can register it with your smartphone you take a picture of the number that was left all kind of sticky crap on there that was a horrible idea so you have the different settings as far as miles per hour you have the Bluetooth selection and you have looks like six smart settings to be able to and you have just a little LCD it does have a calorie counter but other than that it’s pretty just like a basic deal and then this is gonna obviously go here well I’m not gonna set it there right the second but you can see all in all I think so far I’ll scan back in I’ll come back as soon as I get it built and I’ll show you how it works for me I’m about right now I’m currently 206 pounds I woke up this morning at so for a 200-pound guy 210 pound guy I’ll show you how it runs how it walks and what I think about it so give me just a minute [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Wow okay so it’s hard to get a camera angle that far away that you can see the whole treadmill but I’m actually gonna try it out just got it built I would say it took about roughly 10 minutes to be able to put everything together be very careful right here and have done this before that’s why I’m saying with this plastics type stuff when you’re screwing these in underneath be careful especially if you’re using the drill you better set that sucker on a really low setting because if you strip those out your whole thing’s gonna be ruined and you’re gonna have to either try to fix it which is almost next to impossible or you’re gonna end up having to take it back or you just screwed yourself on $300 so be very careful next I’m actually gonna turn it on this is the first time make sure you put the heart rate monitor in and we’re going to see what happens here clearly clearly nothing is happening don’t you love on that but I probably should have done a test run how the hell do you start it it’s got a power button on here somewhere here we go okay so obviously on the bottom underneath the front is a reset button so make sure you reset it okay so whoa it’s got a cool little display here kind of an odd spot we’ve got some great carriers that’s nice okay so we’re starting [Music] two miles per hour see what we get [Music] but definitely not like the gym treadmill that’s for sure totally different let’s increase that to commence tomorrow it’s not sticking which is good [Music] three miles an hour [Music] go to you’re alright now five miles per hour [Music] it’s not stopping good [Music] the calorie gunner at a time display [Music] we’re both noise [Music] about it it’s increased if you that’s in danger will that know if it yeah I’m hearing the belt from being packaged to look like you got bent up a little bit so that’s probably gonna go down over time which is no big deal honestly I’m pretty impressed for the price 300 bucks guys if you have any questions please feel free to put them in the comment section

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