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WEN 56200i Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator Review

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WEN 56200i Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator Black Friday Deals 2019

WEN 56200i Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator Review

hey hey it’s Dan and you’re about to watch another high road video all right okay it’s dim at the high road I’m here with super Kron where we’re gonna unbox our very awesome when two thousand watt inverter generator it’s a model 56 2200 I I guess and it’s pretty awesome and our friends from toque smart help provide it for us and we appreciate that very much because they’re awesome you ready all right yeah we’re in an undisclosed location important add oil to ancient crankcase before operating follow proper startup procedure read manual for details and further instruction oh I love that and then so what that probably what plugs it into it and lets you charge the battery is correct neato alright so as you can tell chronic is actually how should we say capable I on the other hand him not he’s doing the work he’s the smart guy do that see Oh California and federal exhaust and evaporative emissions and full warranty statement can you say evaporated no okay what do you think so I can yeah sure looks pretty okay so that’s okay so we got two AC plugs so that’s the choke on off all of that that’s some cool lights I guess oh econo-mode so it’s quieter runs more efficient who USB port you know because you know again I’m sure we’re gonna have lots of stuff plugged into it so we’re using the wind to power our media stuff as we boondock with the highroad your cannabis friendly travel show where we’re gonna be kind of out in the toolies some this makes us self-sufficient right and then okay so pull cord okay well it’s a nice gas gauge on the top too honey oh yeah oil fill compartment yeah love the diagram so this is probably for oil no guessing and not gas because that’s pretty hard to get in sure we got to now I bought a funnel and a quart of oil perfect so what any idea how much wattage our camps gonna draw it’s 2,000 watts gonna be enough we need more you can run it and coffee equipment right and music and maybe some lighting yeah well that’s about it yeah I figure like an LED light some music you know the other thing I like is being able to keep devices charged and then also being in a place where you know if for instance if I ran the van battery down right because we use a van as a base camp so this gives us a kind of an autonomous capacity to self jump okay and we’ll follow these steps one using a climbing up there to move the dipstick three an oil slowly being careful not to overfill the unit fill the crankcase to the upper fill line so the oil lamps about halfway up the dipstick dress so that’s maybe that’s setting back down and then put the dipstick here I’m using the plastic hose as a dipstick I don’t know let’s see slowly add more oil and repeat step four until oil mark reaches to the top of the dipstick do not overfill the crankcase the generator is equipped with a low oil sensor and will not start without a sufficient amount of oil check for oil leaks I think it’s a little quart man and let’s face it having chronic here to help us today is very handy so well the highroad we have a three-person team so Katrina is our investor and legal expert she’s very fierce and she is kind of our leader josh is our finance and business guy he’s also far and above the most mechanically and technically the adept of us and then I am kind of the general just [Music] go okay we’ve added oil to the wind now and I got premium you’d always want to run premium and stuff like this and then because we also we run around on wolf scooters I got us a nice little two gallon Jerry so we can gas this – the scooters etc then in this case I think I put like point eight of a gallon in the front so it’s not like it’s full up you’ll notice we’re keeping our other habits well away from the gasoline the highroad your cannabis friendly traveler self put the blunt and the gas in the same hand yeah so well you know we are sponsored and in this case it’s so nice of our friends from tok smart a wonderful magical pill you know if you’ve built up a cannabis tolerance over the years tok smarts just the thing for you you take your tok smart about 15 20 30 minutes before you enjoy your cannabis turn you back into kind of a cannabis rookie that’s really neat it’s an all-natural product we really like those guys you can get it from us you can get it around on the internet etc it’s totes smart talk smart calm you know what you’re doing and you know how to use it oh my gosh what a wonderful wonderful time and thank you again guys for our win 2000 watt inverter generator that will allow us to you know be self-sufficient with power in the field true I think it’s built for that so chronic just pouring gasoline all over these this is a test it seems durable so far Rinka days so what again with your typical device like this you want to break it in some I didn’t know that I just been doing some research and ultimately like in our case I guess somewhere between four six eight hours change the oil etc and then you know run it so there’s an often and on on the gas cap what’s that mean I gave a tribute to on ok because that actually that’s gonna help it so it can draw God okay um so let’s see starting the engine unplugged all electrical devices blah blah to maximum safety make sure the generator is properly grounded we’re not gonna worry about that check the oil and fuel levels turn the Eco mode switch off open vacuum relief valve on the top of gas cap open turn the three-in-one switch to choke choke okay pull the recoil starter handle slowly until a slight resistance is felt this is it quickly to start the ancient holy what for okay what’s the age of this started Oh so this has been a really really a neat experience so so it’s the super con I and it’s the when 56 to 0-0 I really awesome inverter generator would you start maybe backup and special thanks to our pals from tok smart for providing it I got to turn him to choke yeah there we go nice ring okay so there we go nope okay if I want to talk over it for a minute just to the point that my planet is they go Eco mode that’s awesome so okay so as you can see it’s super quiet and it’s super chronic and it’s the wind and it’s the highroad and thumbs up we love the wind and what I mean think what a fun unboxing hey hey it’s Dan with the high road your cannabis friendly travel show hey you know if you like what we’re up to and you want to how should we say have some fun find us you know through the vids through Twitter whatever let’s uh let’s do some biz I’ll write woohoo the high road your cannabis friendly travel show [Music]

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