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Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Review

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Sunny Health &amp Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Black Friday Deals 2019

Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike Review

here we go hi everyone I wanted to give a brief review of this surprisingly cheap sunny bicycle it’s like a spin bike rather comes in a box about this size it’s extremely heavy I had to help the UPS man move it up the stairs but after I got out of the box which was the most difficult process assembling it was surprisingly easy you might notice that I don’t have the little shoe buckles and I always hated those at the gym so I took them off so just note that they are included the seat is actually a pretty standard for a spin bike they’re never comfortable your butt just gets used to them over time so instead of having to zoom to the gym after work or really early before I just figured I’d get one now and save my morale and gas time whatever energy and use it at home and after assembling it very simple just a few steps but when I here put a little seat thing right here and whatnot it’s this is a little cheaper than what’s expected at the gym they buy ones that cost a couple thousand dollars probably but exactly know how to show you how it works but I’m just gonna give you a little demonstration after assembling it I did it properly I’ll just give you a little taste of what it sounds like I mean I’m sure this is really gonna upset my neighbor who lives below me but whatever in the cooldown stage it has a nice little break so overall it’s pretty equivalent to what you’d expect at the gym it’s really built solidly the handles nice firm and everything I was a little concerned with how flimsy it’s assembled there but overall it looks really good looks a lot nicer than the other one that’s closely priced too this one was and I’m really impressed with it I’m definitely gonna enjoy exercising on this daily because I love spin bikes so if you like the ones at the gym you’ll definitely like these they’re very similar in quality and how they ride however this one is a little bit more noisy and probably won’t last forever if you use it all the time so just a little helpful to hint when you’re installing this the first time you need to unscrew it a little bit further and then pull then you can slip it on in there took me a couple minutes to figure that out but overall it’s pretty nice and I definitely recommend it good value add around two hundred and eighty dollars absolutely and this nice little wheel definitely looks nice

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