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Black Friday Top Product Review

Sony Alpha A5100 Review

Sony alphe a5100 black friday deal 2019
Written by Jacob

Buy now the product at the discounted price, here we got the best Sony Alpha A5100 Black Friday deals 2019 so that you can make the best purchase at the affordable cost.

Sony Alpha A5100 Black Friday Deal 2019

Sony Alpha A5100 Black Friday Deal 2019 Review

Sony A5100 Black Friday Deal 2019 Review

I’m gonna tell you everything you need to know about the sony a 5100 before buying it both the good and the bad and why this four hundred and fifty dollar camera might be the best mirrorless camera for its price what’s up everybody my name is Nolan mol and in this channel I help beginner filmmakers tell their stories better so that you can share your message with the world let’s get into it first I’m gonna tell you all the good things about this camera and then I’ll go over the bad towards the end first of all is price this camera comes in four hundred and forty eight dollars and prices will drop on this camera and very time to time because of some of the other amazing cameras coming out that are also cheap so check the link in the description to see where it’s at but still that is an amazing price for a starter camera next the video quality is super sharp and so it shoots in 1080 but if you take a look at this shot with my t3i and then this one with the Sony camera same settings same lens but if we crop in the sony has so much more detail the camera shoots 1080 HD up to 60 frames per second which can be slowed down for some sweet looking slow-motion the low-light video is not bad it’s better than my t3i but obviously it’s not nearly as good as some of those expensive full-frame Sony cameras but I wouldn’t go higher than 1600 ISO or it gets pretty bad looking there is no external audio jack and I’ll get to that later but the audio is not bad coming from the camera it’s good when you’re up close talking to the camera like during a vlog it sounds pretty good especially for an internal microphone this is just well audio check to see what this camera’s internal microphone sounds like but I’ll leave my wife and I is youtube channel down in the description all our vlogs are shot on this camera so you can really get a good idea of how it sounds and how it looks this LCD screen actually flips around for selfie mode so you can see yourself it’s perfect for those of us trying to film ourselves it’s also touchscreen so in autofocus mode you can easily focus on what you want just by simply touching the screen when using these Sony lenses the autofocus on this camera is incredible it’s super quick and spot-on now you might say Nolan I have all my old lenses for my other camera that aren’t Sony will they autofocus well no at least not well but for shooting video you can do manual focus and I use manual focus for most videos that I shoot and so do a lot of professionals you can use the touch screen and you can zoom in to focus or shot then hit record and some of the features like peaking are great for this camera to manual focus if you are a beginner and you want great video straight from the camera and you don’t want to edit with the colors the standard picture profile has great colors I would just recommend turning down some of the sharpening or if you like to color grade your videos like I do then you can customize the picture profile to get a flat image and for under $65 you can get an adapter like I have and use your Canon or other brand lenses and now you can put on that 50 millimeter lens and get that beautiful blurry background I love throwing some of my Canon lenses on this camera and you can see how crispy and good these videos look now the camera is small and I’m not sure if that’s good or bad so I just thought I’d mention it but moving on to some of the bad things which may not be bad depending on how you use this camera but first of all there is no external mic jack so the microphone built into the camera picks up some weird noises when you move the camera around and so I remove the noisy camera strap clips and I found that this noise was coming from that kit lens and since it’s loose it has some noise that comes from shaking the camera so if you’re vlogging and you’re like moving the camera super fast you’re gonna hear some of those noises but for me I just record audio separately anyways for most of my videos so I’m totally okay with it now the camera can overheat but it probably will not overheat for most of you guys out there because of how you’re gonna use it the camera overheats when you start filming longer than like 25 minutes inside maybe 20 minutes outside it hasn’t been consistent for me but it’ll overheat only when you record for a long amount of time or a lot of like back-to-back recording Clips don’t use this camera for recording like an entire wedding ceremony or some long event but you won’t have an issue if you’re vlogging shooting a music video doing YouTube videos where you’re kind of stopping the camera here and there also the battery life is very short on this camera so you’re gonna need a few of these but the nice thing is they’re super cheap so there it is who is this camera for overall it’s a fantastic beginners camera for the price if you already have some lenses you can get this camera for under $300 without any lenses buy a $65 adapter and boom you’re set this camera is perfect for youtubers who sit in front of the camera on the tripod and just film themselves or really any youtuber that’s gonna record in segments it’s not for someone who wants to film themselves or something for like an hour straight it’ll overheat if you do that I also believe it’s an amazing vlog camera so me and my wife actually use it on our channel to record all the vlogs it never overheats for us and even when were outside and vlogging for the day it does not overheat so we love it as our vlog camera and I totally recommend it to you besides vlogging I actually use this camera for all of my youtube videos and so I have my sony a 5100 up right now recording and then an adapter with the Sigma 18 to 35 F 1.8 lens and then the flip screen is perfect so I can see myself if I’m in focus and the framing and that’s what I’m using right now I’ve even used this camera with the kit lens on a gimbal for wedding videos or other videos because the autofocus is so good now we know that there’s other cameras out there for cheap that are pretty good like the Panasonic g7 the Olympus and other Canon cameras so do your research find out what’s gonna be best for your budget and for what you’re going to be using it for I’d love for you to add to this conversation so in the comments let me know what other great cameras are out there for a great price alright so the question of the day is what camera do you use and what you use it for that’s it for today remember keep learning and keep creating

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