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Black Friday Top Product Review

Shark Rocket Ultralight Upright HV302 Review

shark rocket ultra light black friday deal
Written by Jacob

Along with the detailed Shark Rocket Ultralight review, here you will also get the best Shark Rocket Ultra light Black Friday deal 2019

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Black Friday Deal 2019

shark rocket ultra light black friday deal

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Review

everyone all right this is going to be a fairly detailed review of the shark rocket ultralight upright vacuum that you can get at Costco I picked this up for about one hundred and fifty nine bucks make sure you watch all my other awesome videos please go to my channel page and click on donate to support this channel I’d appreciate that subscribe like link this to any other website you want to on most of the complaints on this vacuum seem to be that it will fall over and I’m going to take this out of the box in a minute but if you look at the bottom over here it’s a lightweight unit and then right up at the top that’s what a motor is that’s unlike most vacuums where the motor is usually at the bottom so there’s stability on the floor and it won’t fall over with this thing if you don’t hold it it’s going to come crashing down and hit the floor there is a bracket that comes in the package so that you can support it on the wall let’s look at the other side of the box while I’m talking there is a bracket but the biggest complaint seem to be that it will fall over um there are some complaints about the Costco brand that shark has admitted has a problem attaching the attachment to the vacuum that was in March hopefully they fix that by now so this is the outside box just you can see I’m sure you know what a vacuum looks like other than that complaints of it falling over or the attaching the attachment this thing else only has like one attachment I believe other than those two complaints everybody seems to love this vacuum there are a lot of really positive reviews on it this thing cost me about 159 at Costco probably online it might cost a little bit more if it’s a piece of junk then I’ll take it back to the Costco and return it so I bought this for my mom because it’s really lightweight this thing is eight pounds so let me take it out of the box you don’t really need to watch me do an unboxing let me take it out of the box and I’ll assemble it and show you how that’s all done and do a review on how noisy it is and I’ve left a lot of dust on the floor for the last few weeks build-up so that I could do a really good review of this and that’s what’s going to happen here we go I’m zooming in on the box you can see there’s a crevice tool and a cleaning tool on an upholstery tool and the vacuum so there’s not really much going on with this thing time to take it out of the box everything’s out of the box and on the floor so here we go there’s a package of instructions here is the floor pad that I guess is going to get mounted on the bottom so now this is the bottom of the vacuum that die along the floor for suction right over here is the back is the motor which has an extremely you can see that core that’s I don’t know how long that cord is that’s a really good idea a lot of people hate vacuuming with a short cord over here I don’t know what the heck that is but that is some type of suction unit there is a wall mounting bracket so the thing doesn’t fall over there’s a plastic hose that is going to be used to assemble this thing there’s a crevice brush on a poultry glide brush a brush brush and then this black thing is a bag so time to put this thing together let’s see what it does time to assemble this thing take the base unit which has the wheels you can see this little section over here where the hose is going to go in so you take this with the wheels keep this opening towards your right if you’re right-handed and then you want to take this plastic piece and see the one where the cords going to wrap around and if you go to the end over here you can see that see on the top there are three little openings through the holes those holes are going to go into this connector over here so let’s take this thing hopefully I can do this with one hair because I don’t want to use a tripod and maybe I can’t okay let’s slide that let’s push that in it should click it doesn’t want to click when you shut this off it didn’t want to click because I had it extended out you want to have this pointed upwards towards the ceiling and then you push the pole in and it will definitely make a little locking sound a little clicking sound now what you’re going to do is you’re going to take this guy over here the big unit with the power cord and you’re going to do the same thing you’re going to plug that in all the way in the top over here so let me get that again we have the same thing you can see there’s little three little pins over here that are going to go into the three pins on the connector on the top of this tube so let me plug that in okay not using a tripod hopefully this works oh it’s not going to work with two hands with one hand hold on so now I’ve got the bottom plug in and I’ve got the top plugged in and you can see exactly what I was saying this is top-heavy this thing wants to fall you can see how it wants to fall it’s not going to stand up because of the incredible weight of the motor on the top and that seems to be the biggest complaint but let me continue assembly you can see at the front there are LEDs that will light the ways you do your cleaning on the floor that’s pretty much all the assembly though I just plugged in those two pieces and the unit is completely assembled let me go to the top now and show you the power switch this vacuum has a two-position switch one for off which is zero and you’ve got the number one over there which it tells you what it is and the number two and tells you what it is one is for high pile the brush will spin much faster if it’s on the high pile carpet to remove more dirt and if it’s on a bare floor then the brush rules then slower so you don’t scratch the floor but it still does some cleaning so I’m going to plug this guy in now as far as the other components that came with it I don’t really know I guess the black bag is for these to store these attachments not really sure what this piece over here is for that’s probably for the cleaning the floor but I’ll figure that out in a minute and then we’ve got like I said over here the wall mounting Munich and we’ve got this thing for cleaning floors some type of microfiber that probably goes with this guy over here one thing I want to point out before I plug this in this is a four amp motor most vacuums today are 12 amp motor so this is definitely not going to have the suction power that your average motor has now this has got some really neat features looking over here here we have the motor you get a little press button over here a little push button I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do this but I’m going to press this button and let’s see if I can disconnect yeah I can trying to do this with one hand so what we end up doing is now we have strictly the motor and you can put an attachment on here and walk around and vacuum just with this guy alone just it’s a little hand vacuum this is very clever I like this thing there’s another feature I want to show you I attached the motor back to the tubing the hose so let me go to the other part of this vacuum now we’ve got the same feature but it’s down here where you can press on this little pedal and now you disconnect the base from the tube and now you’ve got a vacuum that you can use to do drapes or curtains or reach up against the wall after you put on your attachments so this is just an incredibly awesome vacuum where you can use strictly the motor or you can have the built-in hose or you can have the floor unit you have three options here what an incredible idea a I’m gonna do a quick little test over here because it’s late at night and I get a baby next door with the neighbor so I’m not going to run this thing too long I’m just going to see how loud this is and I’ll continue the video tomorrow let me put this on there without the floor attachment and see how noisy it is Wow I like that that is really nice I’m impressed I’m very impressed I’m happy not too noisy it’s definitely not something you can be running at 7:00 p.m. at night if you have neighbors and you don’t want to piss them off but it’s much quieter than the average vacuum I’ll give it that and the power cord on this thing is just insanely long there’s the bottom attachment down there only do one more test I will say the game-changer for a lot of people that’s a lot of dirt on the floor game-changer for a lot of people is going to be this thing is really awkward it’s very tall it’s definitely tall it’s probably like 4 feet tall but the thing is like I said before vacuuming it’s very light I mean this thing weighs next to nothing it’s so light but I think the problem for a lot of people is going to be the minute you let go it’s going to fall but if you’re careful with that let’s see how it does on the floor um that’s why you buy a vacuum is for cleaning not for comfort so I’m going to do a real quick clean on this vein give my opinion just with that again there was another attachment for cleaning bare floors I’m not going to include that in the video read the instructions for that part if you want and here goes the review down let me turn it on really quick I love that I love this this is absolutely beautiful with a soul life oh look at that my review I love it well worth the money get cleaned much easier than pulling on a bulky vacuum cleaner this thing is incredible again please go to my donate page on the channel page donate if you can thumbs up like subscribe and link to all channels all websites if you want and help me out and make sure you watch all my other videos what do I think of this sharp lightweight rocket again it’s a 4 amp unit you cannot put in screws or big items you’re going to jam this thing up and for regular household cleaning if you are an elderly person if you have arthritis or if you don’t want to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a Dyson buy this I think you’re going to love it and the final test I’ve got the unit over here just with the plastic hose and you can see an incredible amount of dirt on the floor that I’ve been saving up to do this review really dirty really filthy so I’m just going to try it with the crevice brush I mean not even with the crevice brush it’s the crevice tool or whatever you call that and see what it does with suction and it even has the built-in light on the house put incredible and set this off and get the floor unit now most of the dirt was already picked up but now I’ve got the floor attachment again and let me see what it does that weighs next to nothing with so life I’m really happy with his bathroom there’s some dirt and now it’s gone amazing and finally we have dirt on the wooden floor and I’m not going to read the instructions on using the micro pad or that other attachment I’m just going to press this on low speed and see what it does with this it’s probably going to clean it up also very easily you see how it turns very easy how it tones I love it an incredible product hopefully it stands up that seems like a good unit very well designed and yes I would recommend purchasing this to anybody that wants a very simple lightweight easy vacuum that you can use as a hand unit or a floor unit or an extended unit with this long tube hose

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