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Black Friday Top Product Review

Nordictrack C990 Treadmill Review

Nordictrack C990 black friday deal 2019 review
Written by Jacob

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Nordictrack C990 Black Friday deals 2019

Nordictrack C990 black friday deal 2019  review

Nordictrack C990 Review

Today we’re going to look at the NordicTrack C 990 treadmill. it’s got a lot of features in fact and you can compare it to any of the other 999 models out on there and I can tell you it’s going to out spec them and it’s going to have innovative features that you’re not going to find on these other models and I’m also going to say footnote I have an earlier version of this exact treadmill I’ve had it for three years and have had no issues with it whatsoever so for me it’s been maintenance free and I really enjoy it it gives me a good rewarding workout now we’re first going to go through some of the mechanics here the C 990 has got a 3.0 continuous duty motor HP motor what that means that it can run at 3 horsepower continuously with little effort 3:03 playing at all HP motor is going to accommodate most users practically all users whether walkers joggers or runners and it’s going to run smoothly whether you’re sprinting or you have added steep inclines and you’ll find that there’s virtually no strain on it and it’s very very quiet we also have a 20 by 60 tread belt walking running area this a lot of models at 999 tap out at about 55 inches that extra 5 inches really handles those long stride lengths reduces the feeling that you’re about to fall off the edge and it’s also particularly good for taller individuals we got a 2.5 inch rollers the rollers the bigger rollers what they does is gives a more area for the tread belt to grip on it reduces the wear on the tread belt reduces the wear on the motor and the bearings and extends life on all of them and and once again reduces the the noise level other features a very easy lift folding mechanism it doesn’t take much effort to lift it up and if when you drop it down gets to one point and then it slowly drops down gives plenty of time for your cat to get out of the way now that is some of the well of course you’ve got the incline feature you’ve got speeds of mile per hour up to twelve miles an hour and unless you’re a Olympic sprinter you’re probably not going to get above twelve miles an hour let’s talk about some of the electronic features it has an LCD seven inch LCD display that display will show your your incline your speed your distance your time your calories etc you also have 24 and now excuse me you’ve got 32 preset fitness programs they’re based on different categories like for burning calories for intensity heart rate incline and speed training also there’s a manual control of course this is I fit live compatible which means you can go to I fit comm create an account and do a bunch of it has a bunch of various applications one is you can set goals like burning calories training for races put in your time frame etc it creates programs for you that are downloaded onto your C 990 and includes audio coaching so it’ll control the speed and control the incline once you finish your workout it downloads the stats on to your I fit comm count and a key monitors your progress and my record your stats this helps you to track your progress to your fitness goals and the studies show that people who track their progress will more likely you’re reaching their fitness goals in addition with the the setting goals process it gradually increases the intensity so you start at a certain level and work up to more of an intense level which is very helpful you also contract routes on Google Maps you say you’ve got some streets around your area you could actually trace them and say ok simulate running on those streets if there’s inclines on the terrain the C 990 will simulate going up and down the hills you can actually with your a smartphone or tablet or laptop which you can fit right here you can watch your progress on Google and see as you’re going and the faster you move the faster you move down the street on Google Maps there are also some videos that are available of popular trails for example on national parks and once again as you’re moving there its simular time let me explain how these videos are done people actually walk the trails with cameras on their heads so you’re actually seeing the real Articleof somebody going down the trail and as you move the speed of the treadmill will sync with the speed of the Articleand will the treadmill will incline with the terrain on the videos in addition you get what I consider some of the best speakers found on fitness equipment and an mp3 input and you get a nice sized fan pointed right at your core so I mean it’s it does a fairly good job of cooling you down if this machine comes with a lifetime motor three-year parts and one-year labor once again I’ve got it I’ve got the the earlier version of this mean machine it , dates I walk on it I run on a gently run at about 6 miles an hour because I’m getting to be an old guy and I walk at about a 10 degree incline and I’ve been really pleased with the results I’ve gotten out of it I would highly recommend this machine and it’s a perfect example of why NordicTrack is one of the biggest fitness equipment companies in the world

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