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Black Friday Top Product Review

Nebula Capsule Review

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Nebula Capsule Black Friday deal 2019


Nebula Capsule Review

hey guys so today we’ve got another unboxing and quick review of an item from this company that I’m quite sure all of you have heard of before and but the interesting thing is this is Anna power bank or cable this is a project that I backed on IndieGoGo a couple months back this is what’s inside the box they call it the capsule so it is a mini projector it looks like a soda can so this is its IndieGoGo page and let me run through some of the features of it it’s apparently got remarkable clarity and in contrast you’ve got a 360 speaker advanced power management as quick charge is running Android 7.0 and of course one of the best features it’s a soda-can sized projector alright so let’s unbox and have a look at what’s inside alright so as you can see inside the box there’s two other boxes and I think I know why the pledge that I made on IndieGoGo is for the nebula and also if I’m not mistaken this will be the yeah it’s the carry case it’s surprising that the capsule something so small and fragile doesn’t come with a case if I’m not mistaken this carry case was an additional 15 USD and the nebula itself the whole package was 214 dollars so this is the box okay let’s open it they really did a good job on the packaging it’s really nice I think you slide it off yep you slide it off by openness or I lift it up as well and there you have it that’s the capsule okay as with any other unboxings we leave the best for last let’s have a look at the remote it’s got a matte finish to it so okay you can just a point the power navigation back home volume the usual stuff feels good I don’t think there’s a bathroom inside it’s pretty light now we have this small box at the bottom of adapters ok there’s a wall adapter and cable what cable is this I think there’s two cables in here yeah one is a USB micro USB on-the-go cable one more is a USB two micro USB cable there’s actually something else in the box and it’s a it’s a small little bag for it they didn’t mention that it will include this just a quick note look at the light wearing around packaging oh my god it’s small it’s got a good weight to it but it is so small is there anything else in the box the blue work at the back here is quite disgusting okay so we’ve got a cleaning cloth here happy not happy and this is the manual it’s really thick so as you can see the bottom part is a grill that surrounds the projector and I guess that’s the 360 speaker working so you’ve got the main projector here I’m not really sure what this dial does it’s moving the lens this must be a ventilation remote IR blaster maybe at the top you’ve got the power button volume up and down I’m not sure what this button does okay so you’ve got an input I guess this is where the micro USB on-the-go cable will go HDMI input the exclusion of USB was a really big discussion point and thankfully they’ve included on the go cable but I’m not sure because you’ve got to think about the power input as well although there’s a built-in battery but I mean if you’re using the USB input for your media you’re relying on the power banks battery inside with that being said this is running android 7.1 so if I’m not mistaken there are some custom applications or technology that the capsule can make use of and yeah there’s a mount so you can put it on a tripod oh we’ve got one more time the case itself a quick look at that look at that that is so big you just need something so portable a bit less portable I really wish they made it smaller just for comparison this is the case this is the nebula and this is my iPhone 7 so what does the inside of the case look like so this is where the capsule goes this is where the remote goes and I guess this is where all the other stuff goes like cables okay it’s a really snug fit which I like can’t say the same about the remote and what else do you need I guess cables from just now so it doesn’t really close properly I mean you’ve got to push it down a bit and then zip it up so there you go you’ve got your own mini cinema let’s power it on all right I’m not sure to what extent you can see this but at this range which is it’s just my hand it’s pretty high rest so let me move it a little bit back nebulous just under the camera okay so the remote actually comes with a battery inside now let’s go to the setup I manually blocking my home SSIDs right now let me go through some of the you know it’s just the general setup and get the device running before showing you guys alright so there’s a companion app that you can download to control the capsule so the button at the top just now was actually for the Bluetooth speaker mode so I guess you can use this device just for the speaker’s and we are on the home screen so we’ve got HDMI screen mirroring file manager network settings we’ve got the App Store Netflix YouTube that let me quickly check just any updates oh look sixty percent battery of course there’s an update so let me update before continuing any more tests all right I’m just an updating and now I’m going to connect the app where I’ve connected it and this is my phone in this pretty responsive screen mirroring let’s try that okay he uses the Epley protocol so you can do it on Android as well using miracast okay what’s going on wow it’s working okay it’s a lot slow that’s a well let me try this on anyway and okay we’re connected it’s much it’s a much smoother experience excuse my daughter little setup but it’s pretty clear have a look at that and it’s up to my wall I mean I made my ceiling it that’s really clear this is definitely the best mini project I have had okay so another cool thing that this nebula does is that it auto corrects your projection based on the angles so what I mean by that is you know it’s like this but if I move it up see it auto adjust following holding at this weird angle okay so I’ve put the device away is charging now and I’m going to take my time testing it but my initial impressions from that little testing is it’s a really great portable projector it’s the best that I know off I’m not sure what’s the retail price but if you’re looking for one I don’t you can go wrong with this okay that’s all for today


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