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Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Base 10 inch Hybrid Mattress Review

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Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Base Hybrid Mattress Black Friday deal 2019

Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Base 10-inch Hybrid Mattress Review

hey guys it’s Kelsey here from a summer yard and I’m sure some of our loyal subscribers have noticed that we’ve been really into bed frames lately so today we’re reviewing the lucid l300 adjustable bed frame which is one of the top 5 most popular bed frames on amazon there are a couple things we really like about this bed frame and some things we don’t so be sure to check the description box down below this video because we’re gonna have the full written post we did link down there and why don’t we throw in a couple loose and mattress reviews as well just a couple cool sounds good alright cool let’s get into it [Music] all right so adjustable bed frames are really neat because you can either prop up your head or your feet and this is really great for people who have a hard time getting comfortable at night or pregnant women or you know maybe someone who tore their ACL while playing men’s league basketball like someone we know anyways let’s talk company policies we got this bedroom off Amazon where they have a 4.6 star rating and an Amazon’s Choice title lucid likes to claim it only takes five minutes but actually it took us about 10 minutes because dawn had trouble getting one of the hooks at the foot of the bed attached and then he had to bring in Jeff to help him flip it over because Jeff is really strong and Dylan is a frail little baby but anyways putting a bed frame together in ten minutes with basically just one person is fine by us we’re not complaining one bed it’s also just as easy to disassemble which is great for those who move a lot some of the features this adjustable bedroom offers is of course being adjustable at the head and foot of the bed frame the top can adjust from 0 to 60 degrees and then the foot can adjust from 0 to 45 degrees but they can’t adjust at the same time you have to do it one by one it does this at a pretty moderate speed and it’s pretty quiet even if your room was silent it’s not that loud and there’s no squeaking or anything like that this bed frame has two USB charger ports on either side which makes for 4 total if you share the bed with a partner this means you guys can both charge your phones plus one other device at night I really like this feature it’s just really convenient and useful considering all the things we have to charge on this modern day we also really like how plain looking this bed frame is it just has a gray linen border at the bottom so it can easily blend into any bedroom it has hooks at the bottom which helps to keep your mattress in place that’s what Dillon had trouble with putting on earlier unfortunately this bedroom is incompatible with a headboard but that’s pretty common another feature that we like is the wireless remote it’s super simple and easy to use as you can see it has buttons to adjust up or down a flat button to return all the way to flat the M button stands for memory so you can save your favorite position and then a flashlight which is pretty handy ok let’s talk price now one of the things I don’t really like about this bed frame is that they only offer the sizes twin XL full and Queen I guess the reason they do this is because instead of getting a king they want you to get two twin excels and put them together to just make a split King personally I sleep on a king-size mattress and I’m not really looking to get to new bed frames and two new mattresses just so I can sleep on this specific bed frame at the size that I want although I can see the appeal of having a split King so each person can control their own sight individually that’s just too much work for people who are already sleeping on a king-size mattress I’m pretty sure bear and nectar both have proper king-size adjustable bed frames so we’ll be sure to link those in the description box for you guys so you can check those out the second thing that I don’t like is that while lucid is known for making very affordable products this bed frame is priced similarly to some other bed frames with special amenities like a massager or a zero gravity position but it doesn’t have those things that doesn’t mean it’s not a sturdy quality bed frame though because it is but it just doesn’t have any extra features we’ll have the Amazon link down below so you guys can check out current pricing since amazon tends to mess around with the prices as of this video it looks like it’s around five hundred and seventy dollars for a queen which is a deal because the queen-size has historically hovered around seven hundred dollars again link below alright that’s all I got for you guys for this review at the end of the day this is a basic but quality bed frame that has all the necessities but none of the fluff it’s going to probably be best to be used with a loosened mattress but any bed that works with an adjustable base should be just fine be sure to check the description box down below because we’ll have a couple of stuff linked for you guys down there and thanks so much for watching I’ll see you guys next time bye

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