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Black Friday Top Product Review

iRobot Roomba 960 Review

iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum black friday deal review
Written by Jacob

Here we have iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum Black Friday deal 2019 to offer you, read the review to decide whether it would be the best fit product for you or not.

iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum Black Friday Deal 2019

iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum black friday deal review

iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum Review

your kitchen aides think your Vitamix this is the top-of-the-line this will find the dirt for you when it runs out of the charge it goes back to the charging base when it’s charged up it goes back out exactly where it left off it’s going doesn’t matter what level it goes hardwood tile goes up to the goes up and over those little kind of edges that you have that won’t fall over the stairs so we’re gonna have a lot of fun this hour my name is Nancy Hornbeck and welcome in to QVC – we have a great hour plan for you this is customer top-rated if you own the room but will you let us know we’d love to hear from you of course the irobot is the leader in robotic technology especially within vacuums has been for over 25 years they they are in the robotics and they created this amazing vacuum that is 599 94 on a sale price which is $100 less than our QVC price and if sold separately valued let me just share with you you’re gonna get of course the the cleaning robot you’re gonna be getting the home base charger you’re going to get three extra filters and you’re also going to be getting two Aeroforce extractors two extra side brushes the manual everything you need plus you get these guys right here which is heaps virtual wall and keeps it in this specific place that you need to here’s your ridiculous value on this so if you go out to retail you can actually get this for 748 31 what we’re offering here right now guess what it’s here at under $600 with free shipping and handling so if you want to use your QVC credit card you can you just get six easy pay if you want to of $99.99 or if you want to finance it over the next nine months with your cue card and not pay a dime of interest you can it’ll be sixty six dollars and 67 cents you get 30 days to try it out you’re not satisfied to send it back but if not then you get to pay for it over nine months and you will find why people rave about this so call us share your story one eight 601 556 is the number to call to share your story I know this is you know we’re talking about a price point that it’s like for vacuum I don’t know but this is like the cream of the crop top of the line and you’re already saving a hundred and forty eight dollars plus the free shipping and handling on that Dianna hello my friend nice to be with you good to see you now this you were telling me are you kind of going a little bit crazy and I’m just teasing really you’re super super passionate at this particular model the dream machine so if you’ve seen iRobot you’ve seen various presentations they are great there’s always a good better best in any brand this is the best if you like top-of-the-line if you want to have the robot that actually can see and hear dirt it actually remembers where it cleans docks itself as Nancy said it goes back and keeps cleaning this is Wi-Fi connected this is the cream of the crop and not only are you getting the robot but you’re also getting access extra accessory kit it has a home base which is fantastic it actually connects to the iRobot home app so if you have a LexA or Google assistant you can actually clean and not be home this has a new iadapt 2.0 navigation more sophistication more more high quality cleaning capabilities it will go in straight line paths it actually senses and learns this one learns and actually maps out your home other versions don’t quite have this capability this one has it all so if you just want to get the best it will transition from hard floor to soft floor it’s only three and a half inches high it has our high tech air force three-stage cleaning system which will demonstrate for you live so you can see it actually has tangle-free dual multi service brushes we have Bristol less brushes on this so here doesn’t get stuck and then there you see the Wi-Fi you can schedule it seven days a week from your smartphone you just push clean either on the unit on your phone or you speak to your friend Alexa or your Google assistant and command it to start cleaning and off your robot goes and you can take that off your tour list love it okay let’s see this alright so let’s start over here but I think one of the important things to know one of the questions you have is this a gimmick this is cool stuff but does this really work the answer question is absolutely and it works like a charm so here’s a really interesting demonstration that we love to show this is two different sizes that are both carpeted this one you see the obvious pet hair and there’s obvious that you’re seeing here we’re gonna set this on its mission what you do is you push clean to wake it up and then to start again and it’ll start on its mission and then this side looks clean but what we’re going to do is we’re going to show you with an empty dust Cup we’re gonna show you this is perfectly clean which by the way this also comes with our high efficiency filter but you just tap clean but you’re getting extras of these which will last you and last you and last you we’re gonna set this on its mission as well and what I want to show to you is that the iRobot is so powerful with its three-stage air force cleaning that it actually cleans what you don’t see it actually will get down into the fibers of your carpet it will pull up the dust the dander the sand the debris the stuff that gets stuck down into the pile of the carpet and it will give you that clean that you want when you come home or if you’ve come home to if someone else is vacuumed and you see the lines in the carpet aren’t you’re just like oh it’s clean yeah that’s what you get with this three-stage the air force three-stage cleaning system you come home and you see floors are clean iRobot has sort of reinvented how we clean our floors they to allow you the freedom to do other things simply by pushing a button either on the unit on your phone or talking to your Google assistant this is so sophisticated in its technology that it picks it up you know it has a side spinning brush that goes along the edge into the corners that’s how our round robot cleans into your square corners of your home and then it has the two tangle-free dual multi service brushes that actually pick up the dirt from in the fibers or on your hard surfaces and then it has that air force technology now we’ve seen this run for about a minute I’m gonna turn this guy off here and I’m gonna check out what this one and let’s give this one a name dance let’s call this one Bobby Bobby so so Bobby looked like he didn’t have much work to do but we’ll see what Bobby picked up cuz we didn’t see much dirt but if you look here all of this and this was a clean desk if I showed you this before I started this is what he picked up in just that minutes time now what is this this is pet hair so if you have pets you’re going to love this because how times a week are you dragging out the sixteen pound vacuum to pick up the pet hair the dust bunnies so it picked up the dust bunnies in the pet hair it’s sand it’s the it’s it’s dirt its dander all of these things it picked up from inside the fibers of the carpet so to answer the question is this a gimmick the answer is no does this really work is this powerful like the vacuums that you have to push by hand absolutely and that’s why we love I rope okay so question then this is customer top-rated so people already love this this is the cream of the crop the top of the line from Romo from iRobot the Roomba now question about I have I had to move our litter box into I hated to do it but into our living room because I have two elderly cats and one can’t even get it used to have a closer I can’t even honestly get into the litter box anymore so I put pads everywhere but the litter just kind of goes everywhere yes I can actually will that pick up litter yes absolutely okay you know we we’ve got cats and dogs ourselves and that’s one thing I love about the sophistication of the new iadapt 2.0 navigation because it has a more powerful motor it hat you can see the path is amazing as it goes on its mission you saw it go underneath the bedskirt here so when it comes to going around the litter box or the pet food bowls or so on absolutely it will pick that stuff up which is great and long was the bio telling pet hair that you get fry you’re having your pets in there so this is what we’re seeing here is this is gonna go underneath a bed or a table and and it’s not gonna suck up your bedskirt yes so this what you’re seeing on this board is what this graphic is illustrating is our iadapt responsive cleaning technology so what makes iRobot different than other robots that you could buy out there well first of all we have cliff detects which we’ll demonstrate for you which means if you’ve got stairs it’s not gonna go jump it down the stairs because this has such sophisticated sensors that it senses when it gets to an edge and backs off from the edge will clean right up to the edge but won’t go over it has escape behavior so if he goes around the dining room table or under the couch under the bed it knows how to get out this has wall follow so it goes right along the baseboards and gets those clean this also has dirt detect which a lot of other units don’t have that’s something again unique to iRobot it actually sees and hears dirt and so that’s why it gives such a phenomenal cleaning job it also has anti-tangle so when it comes to cords and cables like phone cords and lamps and so on if it gets near one of those it will sense it automatically reverse those brushes and spit it out so without pulling them over and then it has light touch so as Nancy was mentioning it going underneath the bed what happens is when it gets in your curtains or it goes near the bed or the bedskirt of the couch it senses that it might be some a soft surface so it slows down with its soft light touch bumper and it will sense it it can push through so that’s where you get the ability to clean under the bed under the couch under the cabinets places where typically we don’t clean because we don’t see them but also it’s a hassle if you’ve got a big heavy vacuum that’s an upright vacuum not only is it hard to push but are you really going to move the mattress every time you want a vacuum or are you going to get down on your hands and knees and clean underneath the bed it’s just not convenient to do with this low-profile three and a half inches high it does it and notice how it just transition and this is something that we love to show you here – because you were mentioning a lot of homes have transitions from hard floor – software I know from our hard floor into our tile in our bathroom we have about a three quarter inch transition strip you can see how it how it transitions up and down and that’s because it has spring-loaded wheels so they actually lift it up it senses that and it continues on its mission so Diana I want to ask you that what are the ways that you can start start the iRobot so there’s three different ways you can start your robot first of all you see this green button on here it says clean you can push the button and it says and it will start to clean if you want to using out you just went by the Obama it didn’t tangle it right it’s right there yep it’ll go right up to it clean right around it by the way you see the side spinning brush here and then you can also – you can use the the iRobot home app so if your Wi-Fi enabled if you like to use that you can you download the app for free push the clean button on your app you can be anywhere in the world and start your vacuum or if you happen to be home and you have an assistant like Alexa or Google assistant you can command it to start your robot you would say Alexa tell room but to start cleaning and then all of a sudden it’ll happen and here’s an example of how that works so basically you could be sitting please ask room but to start cleaning okay tom has started cleaning and that robots name is Tom OH the other thing we definitely please ask Roomba to stop cleaning would you like your room but to return home yes please and you can see that in that video the gentleman who is talking it’d be very polite – its robot yeah so but what’s nice is you can actually command it to start and stop which is a really nice really nice feature to have and the hi Tecna sub this one is really intriguing because this is all the bells and whistles this is the dream machine if you ask me it will actually go in straight lines and clean so it doesn’t always have a random path like some of the other version I’m gonna see how to read okay I want to make sure we see this next demonstration but Rita has been hanging on the phone and we really uh Rita from Alabama welcomed into QVC how are you this evening I read up oh how are you guys hey great thank you tell us um Rita do you have an IRA IRA irobot roomba yes I got it a couple of months ago off the QVC okay and unfortunately right after I got it I didn’t receive it yeah i shattered my arm i have major surgery and i got home i thought i have no help nobody do anything for me I’m gonna tell you that robot and it kept my floor so clean yay did you name your robot Rita yes I named her Sophia everybody named it Rosie the robot who is that was it hard to learn how to like get it moving no I can’t even say the word we get illogical Saturday I’m not very technical and I was able yeah running with a minute class wondering oh well Rita thank you so much for your phone call and how’s your arm doing it’s doing much much better now I have a question I understand you have they have a mop when we’re gonna see that on QVC well that’s a good question I’ll I will talk to the folks here at QVC and see when they’re gonna feature that but I do know it’s available on QVC calm so hopefully one of these days you’ll get to see that all right thank you all right thanks I’m Anita you Luthi Thank you Thank You Tango Rita bye-bye a wonderful day you too alright so we’re gonna go back here just want to let you know this is the most fully featured like top of the top of the line of the the rumbas it’s 599 94 which is an amazing value because this should be a lot more we’re talking if sold separately value is seven hundred and forty eight dollars and 31 cents with all the accessories that come with it you’re getting the the replenishment kit you’re getting which is three filters two side brushes and a set of Aeroforce extractors that’s a 48 $32 value plus the just the Roomba on its own is six 99.99 that’s already over where we should be and then we add in the extra plus there’s free shipping and handling which is about an $18 savings there as well so great savings on this six is you pay or and nine months special financing with your cube card will get this home but it’s B three five three nine six now something else I kind of want to point it out because you’ve got to move it along in here right now and there’s a 32 these aren’t super loud yeah this one’s actually more quiet than any other version that we have this is so so quiet which I love and look at the smoothness of its motion so you can just tell the sophistication of this robot the reason why you’re investing this is this is top-of-the-line this is the straight version yeah so you can see that it’s actually moving in straight lines now it will also go off and spin and go into other directions but this is the one that actually will follow a straight path

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