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Greenworks PRO 80V Cordless Lawn Mower Review

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Greenworks PRO 80V Cordless Lawn Mower Black Friday Deals 2019

Greenworks PRO 80V Cordless Lawn Mower Review

hey Tim here I just wanted to do a real quick review Greenworks a t-bolt 21 inch mower I’ve been looking forward to getting one of these for quite a while big things with having the battery electric mower two things I hated the most about mowing is the fumes from the mower and the mower stalling or bogging down so the electric motor with all that torque you can go through real thick wet grass goes right through it no problem I don’t have to worry about starting it maintenance oil changes nothing like that so I’ve had this for just the summer now it’s working great I just wanted to show you guys some thicker grass and how it does Oh all right so biggest reason I decided to go with Greenworks 80 volt setup is I already have the batteries from the chainsaw and the backpack leaf blower awesome tools by the way as far as battery electric you’re getting a ton of power out of them I believe they raise the chainsaw at about 2.7 horsepower so interchangeable battery that you can use through all your tools with the 80 volt you’re getting to pull the electricity out of the battery a lot more efficiently with that higher voltage you can pull a lot more power out of those so just like with your cordless drills they keep going up on the voltages get you more power same thing with the yard tools here so as far as how much can you cut with the mower that’s gonna be your next big question well I’ve got a big yard how much can I cut so with the 2 amp hour battery the standard run you’re gonna be able to cut just under half acre so not bad now they also have a set where they sell the mower with 2 2 amp power batteries and the charger now that charger will charge the 2 amp hour battery from dead to completely full in a half hour so if you have two of them you can actually charge faster than you’re discharging and the mower so you’ll actually always have a battery ready to go so you can actually cut you know unlimited as much as you’re willing to cut with a 21 inch mower with the 2 batteries because they charge so fast other nice thing about the mower it does have load sensing technology on it so if your grass is real wet and thick it is actually gonna ramp up run a little bit faster and if your grass isn’t too tall or thinner it’s gonna run a little bit lower there another great thing about having a battery electric mower when you go you don’t have any oil or sit upright takes up no space against the wall there which is great so um hope you liked it that’s my thoughts on the Green Works 80 volt mower absolutely love it definitely if you’re going from a gas mower to this it’s gonna be amazing also I had four just last year before I got this I had a corded plug-in electric mower cuts like a beast but you do have to fight with the core of the whole time so whenever you can get rid of the cord and get the battery power that is awesome great place to find these is Amazon has really good deals on all the green works tool so I’ll drop a link in the description below and go ahead and click through that and they will know that I sent you there to get the tools so thanks for that alright well enjoy guys and enjoy the quieter more peaceful summer afternoons in the future

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