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Greenworks 40V Cordless Lawn Mower Review

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Greenworks 40V Cordless Lawn Mower Black Friday Deals 2019

Greenworks 40V Cordless Lawn Mower Review

it’s been after reading the manual and I keep saying that but the manual keeps referring to the manual as well we’ve got our mower here it’s pretty cool it comes mostly assembled but we do need to sup the handles the tray are the bolts for the handle lives in the battery compartment so we’re gonna go ahead and assemble that right now and we’ll do a little quick play through that but long story short we’re just folding up the arms and then bolting them on so what you just saw me do you’ve got a screw on portion of the that’s a little clamp here and what it does is you push it down it squeezes it tight so you kind of put it so it’s kind of loose and you bring the lever down that enables you to quickly kind of fold it away same with these on the the deck itself you just tighten them up a little bit and then close them in and now our handles nice and tight make sure the wire is run like you want it to be because the clips are on top so we’ll bring this up let’s clip the wire underneath of it or through it I should say and that will keep it from catching on too many things and I’m no expert but I read the manual and it’s pretty simple stuff let’s remove the tape that’s on the handle here and that’s pretty much it for the initial assembly of the unit everything else is ready to go another thing you might want to look for is on the underneath of the deck we’ll make sure the deck is it has been pre tightened but yeah it’s factory tightened so we’re good to go there but there’s no obstructions now kind of just put it together quickly you can run the bag or you can run the mulching unit there is no discharge one thing that took me a second to figure out this is the allows you to do mulching and it fills in the hole where the bagger would be but it’s got two little books here on the back that you need to hook into the two little holes that are right here but important to note is it won’t do it by itself you have to squeeze this to get it to slip in and once you squeeze it it lets it clip right in and now it’s nice and tight so under the deck it makes for a very nice kind of a smooth area through that so the mulching purposes it just kind of spins around it doesn’t actually get caught on anything so that’s pretty awesome if you want it to bag and you certainly could you just need to take this out take your cat out of the bag and then there are two hooks here at the bag connects to and then that sits down on it and that’s how you would bag so it’s pretty easy to switch back and forth I think for our purposes we’re mostly gonna mulch because it’s kind of a trim slash small lawnmower so that’s like that Oh last thing I guess is the height adjustment which is kind of weird on this one usually I’ve seen them with a lever right here this one actually you press the button and then you can tilt the network tilt it oh yeah just lift it up or down so in this case if you wanted it very low you press the button and push it down and if you wanted it high you lift it up so in this case we’ll do blue five so we’ve got it set for a height it does all four wheels at one time I guess the last thing to do now that we’ve got that kind of all sorted out would be to put the battery in it we have charged the battery and it’s cool cuz you can see what the battery charge is by pressing the button this one’s for green so it means it’s ready to go when we got it it had one button you know one green light but you do need to charge it they say before you start all electric or cordless mowers I know of have a key that won’t run without the key so if you have kids or anything like that take the key with you when you’re done mowing that way they’ll never be able to get it started in this case we’ll actually put the battery in first it fits there’s a little kind of a triangle it fits into and then you just push it in until it goes click and this no great part comes back up and to get it you push it down and then you can pull it out that’s how you put the battery in it’s pretty pretty easy so it goes click now I’m gonna put the key in it he only goes in one way so now in theory though the motor is live and good to go so we’ve never started it before so let’s scare some cats see how exactly loud it is of course now I’ve magically put on my safety glasses because you at least want to do that just start it you press the grey button you pull the lever fairly thick material crazy gut seems pretty good except where I don’t overlap it quite right you’ve got a look a few dandelion stands here but it’s not leaving any visible discharge so that’s good so it’s actually kind of mulching that’s cut quite a path through here so for a little more it’s pretty darn neat I’ve done a couple passes now it looks really good let’s take a look at the underneath here that’s how before we lift it up though it’s coal a key out since you’re disconnecting the spark plug type thing up here and yeah there’s not much accumulation underneath the deck so it’s a plastic molded deck so it’s not going to show that a little bit of here around where the scoop is but once that fills in it’ll be good grass isn’t very wet so that’s it’s kind of damp actually so that’s pretty good but that’s the nice thing about plastic molded decks is that they really do a good job with the mulching I’ve had these rechargeable mowers before they’re awesome you just keep the battery in good shape and you’re kicking butt and this one will melt so you just like a big lawn was a big vacuum for your lawn essentially your take off all the dead new lion heads and stuff and just magically make them disappear if you guys have any questions on this mower about to make the wife use it she’s gonna do some lawn mowing but we’ll have some more videos of that down the road but initially it’s there were a lot of good reviews for it online that’s why we chose this one in terms of operability plus we could get it at a local merchant if you have any questions ask him if you liked the video like them and please subscribe to my channel depending on we’re probably dual release one two so turbo to 31 or red barn homestead subscribe to red barn homestead if you could we’re trying to get that channel off the ground and I will see you guys later

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