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Black Friday Top Product Review

GoPro HERO 7 Review

GoPro HERO 7 Black Friday deal review
Written by Jacob

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GoPro HERO 7 Black Friday deal 2019

GoPro HERO 7 Black Friday deal

GoPro HERO 7 Review

GoPro Hero 7 black this is the very best action camera in 2019 and in this video I’m going to give you five reasons why I love this camera and five reasons why I hate this camera [Music] hey what’s up YouTube this is Susie with gem and I connect and I’m here today to talk to you about the GoPro Hero 7 black so in September of 2018 GoPro released three brand-new cameras the hero 7 black silver and white now the black is the premium top-of-the-line model and the white and the silver are stripped-down versions of this camera so today we’re going to talk about the hero 7 black in particular so GoPros have been around for a very long time and in fact I bought the Hero 2 when it first came out and I took it on a trip to Belize and I took lots of photos and videos with it and honestly I really wasn’t that impressed with it so I’ve always been a little hesitant to invest into GoPro but the more I’ve studied youtubers and other videographers and where I realized that a lot of people are using GoPros not just for action scenarios but also for vlogging and travel and just everyday usage so I’ve had it on my mind for a while that maybe I wanted to give GoPro another try so when the hero 7 black came out I took the plunge and I bought it immediately and since then I have been using this camera far more than I ever could have imagined and so many things in it have been improved so I’m gonna talk to you about five reasons why I absolutely love this camera but stay tuned because afterward I’m going to talk to you about five things that are still lacking on this camera and really could be improved now if you’re new here Gemini connect is a travel and media company run by myself and my partner and we are professional photographers that are making our way into videography so every week we upload new videos talking about some of the tools that we’re using and also some cinematic videos that we’re producing as we learn about video so if you’re new here please consider subscribing the first thing I love about the GoPro Hero 7 black is that it’s basically the same form factor as the previous two models so as of the GoPro Hero 5 GoPros are now weather seals and waterproof right out of the box you no longer need that annoying plastic housing to seal your camera visually the GoPro is rubberized on the outside and there are two big buttons that really control the camera there’s also a two inch touchscreen in the back so that you can view your images and also have further access to the settings now if you’re thinking that GoPro keeping the same form factor or design as previous models is a bad thing here’s why it’s a good thing if you’ve made investments into cages for your GoPro such as this metal housing here or this alternate plastic housing you don’t need to buy brand new cages for the hero 7 black as long as they’re for the hero 5 or the hero 6 here’s a couple of reasons why you might want to buy other cages for your GoPro so the stock GoPro page looks like this and it fits the GoPro pretty well but there’s a couple of problems with it number one all of your ports are right here so if you need to access your your USB C or your micro HDMI port it’s really hard to access it through this little hole here so buying a third-party cage you can have the option to really open that up see that you can access those ports easier another reason why you might need extra housing for your GoPro is if you want to attach filters so this metal cage here allows you to screw on a filter so that you can add a polarizing filter and any grad filter anything like that and also it has room to attach a cold shoe mount and this is really essential if you need to add a light on top of your GoPro or a hot shoe mic so if you’ve invested in previous versions of these cages for the hero 5 or the hero 6 you can rest assured that you can also use them for the hero 7 block so the second thing I really love about the GoPro Hero 7 black is hyper smooth this is hands-down the very best feature of this camera so GoPro has been hyping hyper smooth as the best in-camera stabilization on the market and I really have to agree when you have hyper speed enabled you really don’t even need to use a gimbal but you can get that same buttery smooth footage as you’re walking or driving or making any kind of movement and the best of all you can use hyper smooth at up to 4k 60 frames per second which is GoPros highest resolution setting for video this really is a game changer and it actually kills the need to use GoPros own gimbal the GoPro karma grip so I don’t know if that’s a good thing for goko but it’s an extremely good thing for GoPro users the third thing that’s really great about the hero seven black is time warp so in a nutshell time warp is doing a time lapse with hyper smooth enabled so you can do a moving time-lapse with gimbal like footage now this is really great for when you’re walking or driving or hiking biking doing anything that requires movement but also needs some gimbal stabilization the fourth thing that I really love about the Hero seven black is the touchscreen with the revamped user interface so again my previous interaction with GoPro didn’t even have a touchscreen so I actually don’t know what the user interface look like but based on all the reviews that I’ve seen this interface is much much improved so when you power on your GoPro your touchscreen now has a few important icons that really help you out as you’re shooting video or photo on your upper left hand corner you have your storage space which shows how much storage is left on your microSD card on upper right hand corner you have battery life which shows how much battery is left and in the bottom centre you have your video resolution which shows your resolution and your frames per second the touchscreen has also been updated so that if you want to shoot in portrait mode for say Instagram stories all you have to do is invert your camera a little bit and a touch screen will flip so that you can shoot vertically and the fifth thing that I absolutely love about this camera is its seamless smartphone integration so most mirrorless cameras today have some form of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth that allows you to connect the camera with your smartphone but in a lot of cases this is really a hit-or-miss feature and half the time it just doesn’t work properly but with GoPro the app integration is fantastic it is really responsive and really quick and you can actually use your smart phone to effectively control your GoPro from afar you can also use it to review your footage and get that footage to post immediately on Instagram and in my experience there’s really no lag like once you power on your GoPro and the smartphone app they connect almost immediately one of the biggest examples of how effective the smartphone integration is is the firmware update so for most cameras from our updates are a major hassle because it involves connecting your camera to the computer or putting the firmware update on an SD card and then inserting that into your camera and then initiating the firmware update it’s just a hassle but with GoPro all you have to do to get a firmware update is just connect your GoPro to your smart phone app and you can initiate the firmware update from there it’s the fastest most effective way of updating firmware that I’ve ever seen on a camera and it’s actually really quick another feature where smartphone integration is really key is live streaming so the hero 7 black now allows for live streaming directly from your GoPro but that does involve connecting the GoPro directly with your smartphone so the fact that this camera can connect really quickly and really seamlessly to a smartphone app really helps for live streaming now I’m not a live streamer and it’s not a feature that I intend to use but if you have used it let me know in the comments below how effective that was we’ve talked about five things that I love about the hero 7 black let’s talk about five things and I really just like about the hero 7 black the first thing would have to be the touchscreen responsiveness I find that I constantly have to be tapping or swiping just to get GoPro to recognize that my finger is there and I’m trying to get something something to happen and this is also true with the buttons a lot of times I have to press the buttons repeatedly in order for GoPro to respond to them and that can make it really frustrating when I’m trying to be spontaneous and quickly power on the GoPro to shoot something so you have to factor that into using the GoPro for your workflow the second thing that really bugs me about this camera is voice commands now I love voice commands in theory and GoPro actually added two new voice commands so that you can control the GoPro using your voice so if you say GoPro capture or GoPro stop capture its supposed to start and stop recording and I found that in practice though that’s where it’s maybe half the time the other half the time you can be saying it over and over again you can be yelling it at this camera and for some reason it just doesn’t pick up on it so voice commands are great in theory not so great in the current practice of it all right without the directional light should be a lot more ambient noise my voice is only gonna be so again now that we have that directional mic on top of the GoPro our sound quality has probably changed quite a bit so the third thing I don’t like about the Hero 7 block is the fact that it doesn’t have a microphone jack now that kind of blows my mind because when I look at my hero 2 it actually had a microphone jack so I’m not sure at what point GoPro decided to not include a mic jack but this camera only has two ports and those are a USB C port and a micro HDMI port now USB see I actually really like because you can charge the GoPro using a USBC cable and that comes in really really handy but micro HDMI to be quite honest I really don’t know when I would use that port and I really haven’t used it yet so in place of that micro HDMI I would love to see an audio jack instead now in the defense of GoPro they actually really improve the sound on the hero 7 black and I believe that there are three microphones dispersed around the camera and it actually picks up audio surprisingly well and you really don’t have to go very far to get just this awesome panoramic view it actually picks up audio the best if you’re standing directly behind it but when it’s facing towards you it still can pick up some audio but definitely facing this way you’re going to get the best audio [Music] okay well it’s in addition to improving the built-in audio quality of the Hero seven block GoPro also is giving you the option to buy an adapter to add a microphone jack but it’s a little ridiculous because as you can see the adapter is about as big as the GoPro itself but if you do want to buy this adapter which also is very pricey it’s not cheap you can plug into your USB C port and now you have a microphone jack so you can add your lavalier mic or a shotgun mic whatever microphone you need to use but again this is an expensive option and you actually need to buy GoPros adapter specifically I have tried several third-party options and they don’t work only GoPros proprietary adapter is actually going to work here so the fourth thing I don’t like about this camera is battery life that is one thing that GoPro really didn’t make any improvements on in this camera so with that said I can usually take a fully charged battery and I can shoot in 4k video for roughly an hour before I lose power that’s not too terrible but it’s still not great either so one of the first things you’re going to want to do when you first buy the hero 7 black is to buy as many spare batteries as you can so GoPro is actually using the exact same batteries in the hero 7 as it was using in the Hero 5 in the hero 6 so if you have spare batteries from previous generations you can probably use them in the Hero 7 without any problem now the other thing about GoPro batteries is that they’re really not you and you safely need to carry probably two to three spare batteries just to make sure you can get through a whole day of filming so third-party brands actually are making some really cheap options and they work reasonably well and they also come with a spare battery charger so these batteries are from Artman I’ll leave a link in the description below if you want to check them out but definitely stock up and as many GoPro spare batteries as you possibly can because you’re going to need them so the fifth and final thing that I really dislike about the GoPro is its low-light performance now given the size of this camera it’s probably no surprise that it’s not very great at shooting and low lighting scenarios it actually does have an F 2.8 aperture so it can do reasonably well but after the Sun Goes Down you can really see a noticeable difference in your footage you see a lot more noise your colors aren’t as great so rule of thumb this is a great camera to use when you have day lights or just lots of artificial lighting but if you’re trying to shoot in the dark don’t so in conclusion the GoPro Hero 7 black does have some shortcomings but overall it’s still one of the very best action cameras on the market right now and because of features such as hyper smooth time-warp and seamless smartphone integration it’s also a great all-around camera for vlogging for travel and just everyday usage but all this does come at a cost because this retails for about 399 US dollars which is a lot of money but it’s a really solid investment if you have a need for a camera like this because it will really open up your creative possibilities so now I’d love to hear from you in the comments below have you tried the hero 7 black do you love it or do you hate it let me know in the comments and I’ll see you in the next video

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