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Black Friday Top Product Review

Fluval FX6 Canister Filter Review

Fluval FX black friday deals 2019
Written by Jacob

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Fluval FX black friday deals 2019

Fluval FX6 Black Friday deal 2019

The box for the flooville fx6 says that it’s suitable for aquariums up to 400 gallons but is it overkill for a 75 gallon tank maybe not let’s talk about  hey folks this job with Katie tropical super excited to be here with you today to talk about installing it the flugel fx6 onto this 75 gallon aquarium this filter folk is one of the true powerhouses in the canister filter world.

I’m a Louisville guy I’ve never really kept that a secret I love the brand if I need something and Flula makes it that’s what I’m gonna get it’s it’s just one of my things I love anything that comes from that brand and even more specifically I love the fx6 I’ve loved it ever since it came out even before it when it was the fx5 I loved that filter I’ve always been a big fan so much of a big fan that I’ve got four of them so when it came time to filter this tank it was a no-brainer I had it I might as well use it but is it overkill for this tank well yeah but the thing is when I decided I was going to get this tank I knew I was going to put African cichlids in it and when it comes to African cichlids you always want to filter big that’s what she said but you can still call it overkill but overkill is never a bad thing when it comes to fish keeping especially with African cichlids according to the manufacturer’s specs this filter process is 563 gallons of water per hour which means it’s gonna turn this tank over seven and a half times per hour with this being an african cichlid tank big filtration is a must I usually recommend to people that they go overboard when filtering an african cichlid tank so I guess I need to practice what I preach I want this tank to be perfect I want it to be clean and show really well in my article having larger filtration is it’s just gonna make my job easier and like I said I already had it sitting around so why not use it now I want to make something very clear when I said that this big filter on this tank is gonna make my life easier I am NOT saying that I’m gonna have to do less work there’s a lot of people that feel like you put a big filter on the tank then you don’t have to do any work that’s just not true I and you if you get one of these are gonna have to still do our job and be a responsible fish keeper keep up with your maintenance keep up with your water changes having a big filter doesn’t change any of that it just keeps the water a little cleaner and when the waters cleaner everything works better everybody’s happier fish are happier life is easier now in a second I’m gonna go through everything that I put inside of this and I’m gonna show you how I installed it but before I do that I want to talk for a minute to the new fish keeper if you are setting up your first aquarium and you’re doing your research on this now you don’t need to go to these extremes you don’t need to put a massive filter on your tank what I do recommend to anyone that’s coming into this hobby though is always filter double what your aquarium calls for here’s what I’m talking about if you’re getting a 20 gallon tank get a filter for a 40 gallon if you’re getting a 30 gallon get a filter for a 60 gallon it’s that simple it’s not rocket science all right so to get this thing started the first thing I did was I performed a general cleaning on the filter this is a used filter I’ve been using it for years and I just wanted it to be perfect when I started up on this new tank I did clean these filters out when I moved but again I just I just wanted it to be perfect now you can see me starting to assemble the trays here the middle tray is where the biological media is gonna go and that’s what I just used the flooville disc things I don’t even know what they’re called they come with the filter so I just went ahead and used that in the middle but now we need to talk about the chemical filtration so in the chemical tray of this filter I started off with puritan because it just works it’s one of my favorite products helps to control nitrate nitrite and ammonia the three things that fish keepers hate the most I also used some of flu bull’s carbon I am old school I like to put carbon in my tanks and I added an additional bag of the Zeo carb now this is something with the tank being cycled and all of that it’s gonna be nice to have something in there that can help with ammonia control so now I’m cutting up one of these fit right pads I think it’s what they’re called I don’t know it’s this pad that you buy and you cut it to size and I didn’t do a very pretty job of it but that’s gonna go in the top tray which is kind of where the like a polishing pad would go they didn’t have any at the store when I went to get them so I just bought one of these and cut it up and it doesn’t look pretty but it’s gonna be inside and nobody’s ever gonna see it so who cares now I was showing you Puritan earlier this is a product that I definitely believe in folks if you want to pick up some of that head over to aquarium co-op comm when you order yours put tank talk in the promo box at checkout and Cory is gonna give you a 10% discount you can’t lose and while you’re there pick up one of these bad boys these intake sponges are the ultimate filter hack they are absolutely wonderful it’s going to cut down on filter maintenance it’s gonna stop a lot of the nasty stuff from getting down in the filter which is going to mean you have to maintain your filter less so that’s beautiful you can’t lose now the fx6 comes with these nice brackets that mount onto the lip of your aquarium that hold the hoses in place these are actually nice because the hoses are big and they are very rigid and these clips help to hold it in place and and just keeps everything neat or you can see it there with the camera wiggling all over the place it makes it very neat and and finished looking so that you don’t have these giant hoses sticking out as far as the output for the tank it’s very simple I just put it on the opposite corner from the intake and it works every single time with the intake and the return mounted to the back of the aquarium all that was left now was to snap the hoses into the top of the canister which is it’s that simple they just snap into place could not be easier and there it sits in all its glory I did fill it about two-thirds of the way with water before even putting it into the cabinet that’s what the manufacturer calls for to help with getting it all primed up so now it’s just a matter of sitting here and waiting for it to fill up that you’re gonna need fish so there you go the filters all installed it’s all working and it’s been working beautifully in fact it’s been installed for about a month now I create this article a few weeks ago and the the footage was just not right I have a brand new camera I had it all set up wrong and I had to do it all over again and now I’m finally getting a chance to do that so but it’s been running for a while and it’s been running it beautifully it’s very quiet it’s very efficient and it filters the water very very well so if you are in the market for a new filter you’re looking for a large canister filter for whatever size tank you’re using if you’re considering the FX 6 I’m a huge fan I absolutely love it you cannot go wrong with this filter I mean it but I guess I’m a little biased I don’t know maybe you don’t want to listen to me but I love the brand I love this product this is actually the product that got me to fall in love with flooville so there you go I would highly recommend it to anyone do you have to put it on a 275 gallon is it a bit extreme yeah it is but you know what it can’t hurt if you can afford it do it it’s an expensive filter if the filters gonna cost you more than the tank but hey do what’s right for your pets so there you go I hope you were able to get something out of this article I hope you enjoyed it and if you did why don’t you do me the favor of clicking that like button down below if you didn’t click dislike it doesn’t really matter it all goes to the same place so just go down there and click stuff I don’t care which one you click on the next article we’re going to talk about the light that I chose for this tank that I ordered from aquarium co-op that’s going to be a great article I’m actually going to record it right now but I’m not going to put it up for a few more days after this one so be looking forward to that subscribe to the channel if you don’t want to miss that and other than that the only other thing that I have to say to you is folks these things that we have right here these are not decorations sitting in the corner of the room just to be admired there are living things in this tank you need to do your job and take care of your fish thanks for watching we’ll see you next time

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