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Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage Review

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Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage Black Friday Deals 2019

Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage Review

all right everybody I just want to come out here real quick and show you my home gym setup it’s my garage let me back up so y’all can really get a good look at it this is the fitness reality power rack this is on Amazon this and the bench you can see right here got these both on Amazon brand-new for three hundred two dollars you can get the power rack by itself for 225 around that price range the front the prices chains on Amazon all the time so I paid like I said about three hundred dollars for the rack and the bench together and the weight rate on both of these are 800 pounds so 800 pounds on the rack itself and 800 pounds on the bench barbell Olympic barbell got this on Craigslist for $50 these can go anywhere from on Craigslist from $50 up to you can pay hundreds of dollars for these so standard barbell nothing fancy weights kind of piece mill I got this set right here you see this darker weights right here from the same guy got the barbell from on Craigslist I think I’ve had $150 for about 250 pounds give or take and now piecemealed the rest of it got a more 45 pound plates on Craigslist I paid $60 for this pair and $60 for this pair so a little over fifty cents a pound not too bad and then got some 10-pound weights from Dick’s think I end up paying six dollars for each of these about twelve dollars for the pair of twelve or fourteen dollars and then the curl bar you see here got that at Academy thirty dollars it’s a standard 20 pound curl bar nothing special and then these I’m only gonna put one of them up but you’ll get the idea hold on one second here actually kind of challenging to do this with one hand dipped bars I’m only putting one of them up right now cuz I’m taking the right back down but you get the idea one on this side one on the other side not sure what the weight limit is on this but it’s holding me just fine got these on Amazon for 32 dollars for the pair so that is 90 percent of my gym set up I’ve got a few little things over here some little cables dumbbells that I’ve never used cowbell hiding behind there but that’s it and then the floor itself just your standard foam rubber mats whatever you want to call these got these on eBay 48 square feet plus another 24 so math on that one not not doing math in my head right now so in up paying about $50 for the entire floor here and then that’s it yeah that is my home gym setup nothing fancy I think you know if you do the math on this this right about seven six or seven hundred dollars for everything got some things brand new some things used a little mix and when you set up your home gym that’s what you want to look for some you’re gonna want some new stuff and then of course you’re gonna find some new stuff the weights weight plates a brand new weight weighs just as much as he used weight so try to find some deals on those and then one more thing the tree itself these are on again Craigslist 20 bucks and one more thing micro weights cut these on the eBay two of them 1/4 pounds for $12 folks before you can get to these these weights sometimes you have to start there there’s nothing wrong with that so make sure you have some smaller plates that you can work your way up to the bigger ones but that’s it that’s my home gym this is what I’m using right now for my 5×5 workout and I will say ever since buying this and putting it in my garage I have not missed a single workout no matter if it’s too hot too cold and it’s been cold because it’s winter right now holidays it doesn’t matter if you have the space in the funds to make yourself your own home gym I strongly recommend it it’s the best thing I’ve done for my fitness I’ve not missed a workout yet and I don’t have to wait on others to be done with their workouts before I get into mine so that’s it that’s the fitness reality power cage the fitness reality bench love them both and then on my piecemeal stuff to go with it so there it is that’s my home gym setup I appreciate it y’all have a good day

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