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Black Friday Top Product Review

Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Review

dyson Am90 hot + cool black friday deals 2019
Written by Jacob

Here you will get the Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Black Friday Deal 2019. Read this Dyson Am09 hot + Cool review, grab the unit from our link to Avail the Exclusive discount.

dyson Am90 hot + cool black friday deals 2019

Dyson AM09 Hot + Cool Black Friday Deal 2019

What’s up guys i’m tech steve in today’s articel i’m gonna revisit the dyson fan did a article about a year ago now people been asking me questions like how code is it how hot is it how much voltage and things like that so i’m not going to answer every question to seem but i’m gonna give you a better summary of what it’s all about the great news is you can now buy a refurbished model for less than three hundred dollars if you want to save a little bit of money so if you want to know more about this fan sit back relax let’s get into it so the first thing I’ll talk about it’s a cooling of his fan versus a regular fan that I’ve noticed now first of all if you ever looked at the illustration of this fan basically inside of here there’s a turbine that turns sucks air in here and goes up through these blades here by doing that process it’s not taking a code air directly or hot air indirectly and going into the fan and stripping it out by putting it inside of here it actually closed off the air just a little bit so by the time it reaches these blades it comes out much cooler now what I notice over all in a hot room the fan works pretty good but it’s not an air conditioner so let’s say for example your room is 80 degrees this may blow out maybe 75 degrees so it’s not gonna give you like an air conditioner feel but what it does do is it gives you like a nice breeze so let’s say for example you went down to the beach and yeah the window is open on a condo or something that breeze that comes in off the ocean is really what it does the heater part of it works really good in my opinion because first of all when you turn the heater on it you don’t even really hear the air that much if you happen at low settings and what it will do is once it reaches a certain temperature it just kicks in as it needs it but the great thing I like about it is that it’s a lot more safer than your to just know fast so let me give you example that first of all if you knock it over you can see that is oh now you can see it turn itself off and let’s say if we put the heater on right there same thing so why it’s important if you have animals or children or anybody’s horse playing first of all there’s no blades right here to catch someone’s fingers but there is a blade inside of here that’s again how that works but if they knock it over you have you’re not gonna have any kind of damages because it’s going to turn itself off now they’re also being some people who talked about the plug getting hot and the re the reality of it is is that if you have good electrical system in your home you can plug it in direct into the wall or I’ve been used on extension plug and I mad any problems so now let me get into a few things that kind of like I don’t really like about the fan first of all if you lose this remote there no way to control this except for the power button on the front so I really been doing a good job and I found a holder that I keep this remote in all the time because if I lose it this thing becomes almost a paperweight just to be honest another thing that I didn’t really like about it diffuse mode and diffuse mode is basically it sends the air around the room but just to be honest with you when I turn that on I can barely feel the air whatsoever so I leave it in focus mode where it’s always focused on me and that’s that switch right there so if you get a fan like this I think you should just leave it on focus mode and you should be fine but the diffuse mode it works pretty good when you just run the heater because it’s going to put a little bit more air around the room so now let me show you a quick example how to clean the fan to the very very minimum and when I say that is that there’s a screw on the back here that you can take out and pull the top part off to get down into where the blades are the clean the fan is very easy just take something like a toothbrush to go ahead and clean up all the dust and then you can use a wet and dry towel to clean off the rest of the dust and that’s what it looks like when you clean it and if you want to take it up a notch you can actually get a vacuum cleaner and suck out a lot of dirt but one thing I didn’t realize it doesn’t have a filter so any air that goes in here there’s nothing collecting it it pretty much goes in comes out so I’m pretty sure at this point there’s a lot of collected dust in here there’s a few other things that don’t like about this fan for example this fan doesn’t have a pedestal or I haven’t found one yet and what that means is that whenever this fan is not sitting on the desk is literally on the floor and it’s not pointing in a direction that’s usable for me so I had to put it he’s on a chair on another desk TV tray anywhere you can elevate it so that to me is a little bit negative so they should have a base that you can put underneath this to make it to the eye level so when using the heater people want to know what wattage does it use this is a 1500 watt fan so it’s going to get really really warm if you use at the higher temperatures but again I love this fan when it comes to the wintertime because I usually have central heating air running but this fan actually was fine to just close all the door and it was able to heat a pretty good-sized cubic feet room by itself now overall do I like this fan the answer is yes I really really like this fan and after going to some of my friends house it has a traditional fan one thing I noticed is when we’re watching TV or playing games or anything a fan is just really loud so I like the fact that this fan is very quiet and that really works for me especially in the article environment so for example a lot of my article this fan is actually running in the background and you guys don’t hear it it’s been running this whole article mic above me and you can barely hear it so is it worth that’s up to you to decide.

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