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Black Friday Top Product Review

Dell ChromeBook 11 Review

Dell Chromebook 11 Black Friday deal 2019
Written by Jacob

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Dell Chromebook 11 Black Friday deal 2019

Dell Chromebook 11 Black Friday deal 2019


Dell Chromebook 11 Review

hello and welcome to this vlog in today’s video I shall be reviewing the Dell Chromebook 11 model 30 180 the Dell Chromebook 11 is a nice piece of kit weighing in at one point two to seven kilograms with a width of three hundred and three point three millimeters a depth of two hundred six millimeters and a height of 20 point seven five millimeters it’s good for any student if we’re going by some of the design features for this device was at Dells intent the computer has been tested to the latest military types of Sanders and therefore can cope with most things students come fro at it it has an Intel neon processor clocking at 1.6 gigahertz and four gigs of RAM with 16 gigs of a mm C storage meaning as long as you don’t intend to install the latest apps or your entire movie collection then it should be fine as you can easily do web browsing on it I’ve been using device for we know I’m very impressed with this battery life of 10 hours and you only get this from a couple of hours charging though the devices processes mean is something to be desired as if you get about five to blooping then you start noticing slowdown bo this is you know quite decent for a netbook type device though I did notice this when I was writing you Google Docs and I’m missing roll the emails at the same time I’m most impressed with the fact that it has no moving parts inside the case like there’s no mechanical hard drive there’s no fans and nothing and this probably learns to find the battery life is so much because as obviously doesn’t need to power the motors that drive the moving parts this also means that the I can put any angle that I like without Graham worried that somebody’s going to catch something and break this also means there is reduce noise and reduced heat because there’s not as much many components in there generating as much heat also the screen can be rotational on her native degrees from close to fully up for basically make a straight line straight like a piece of paper but it can look very awkward and tiring to take a selfie the display has a resolution of 1366 by 768 and it’s nice good display of color for an inbuilt display of this type of device ie a Chromebook / netbook and though I wouldn’t be doing color grading on it myself though the sapling taught is that the screen is not touch but for the purposes I person use it for that does not bother me I apologize but it’s nice but it is obviously that standard sort of crappy laptop keyboard though with the advantages of having a USB ports on this device means you can plug in a USB keyboard also that goes seem for the trackpad as in Dropbox I have no personal preference to them as I don’t really tend to use them so I have no guidelines but I can say this one feels ok it feels nice but obviously I do prefer using a plug-in mouse USB finger I know I’ve always in terms of i/o there are two USB 3.1 ports for students who can either use you know an external mouse or keyboard or both or a USB stick when they realize that they need an internet connection to access that cloud storage they like to use yes there’s also a full HDMI port for extending the displays to a TV with a HDMI port obviously either this is pretty well you know it’s rather nice though I haven’t found a way to duplicate this display yet I’ve only found a way to extend the displays there’s also a standard 3.5 millimeter audio jack for headphones or speakers unlike other companies for wireless communication about both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4 meaning you can connect to your favorite Bluetooth speaker and play Spotify the exact same time without even paying for premium yes one last thing is a bit of annoyance but it’s the del activity light as they’d like you to call it what this features meant to me is in schools which is one of those devices main selling point is that the student can use the directivity like it’s a Chrome application and you know it select it from I have a question – oh I have an answer or – help me please or you know they could be used to answer a B or C shamefully there are only free colors blue red and yellow more more amber and it’s a shame that they don’t have like a color select wheel because I’ve got them you know Rajee check now and that can there’s got massive selector wheel on it you know and I grabs like 20 something pound so Michael Nia put that in there but I do understand why they put it in but on the other hand instead of shelling out a few hundred pound each the teacher would have to convince the school to buy they could issue an online service like Kahoot which people would be for the same effect and you can use it from any device yeah your phone your computer blah blah blah in conclusion this is a good device for web browsing ie what it says on the tin I wasn’t expecting someone you know that could play like far cry 5 or anything when it comes out the rental fee but I was expecting it to be a very nice web browser which it does rather nice like you know even though you know after a few open tabs you know it starts to slow down a little but you know as long as you saw control yourself you’ll be fine but there are a few down points particularly if you use an external mouse and if you’re right-handed because obviously all the USB ports from the left-hand side of the device if you’re looking to works at the screen and obviously you have to travel around though to be fair you do have a trackpad so it’s not a big web and the external mouse is an option like so which it’s more the users fault Ben but it would be nice to have a USB port on the back not the back I mean the right side but also that stupid lying I mean it was thinking about that but anyway my final score for this device is an 87 out of a hundred yes even though there are a few drawbacks majority of its good particularly for the price of two hundred and four pound as of eBay as of the time of purchase and review anyway this would be Allison for this vlogger for review of the girlfriend equivalent model Peugeot 180 goodbye

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