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Classic Brands Cool Gel 1.0 Memory Foam 14 Inch Mattress Review

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Classic Brands Cool Gel 1.0 Memory Foam 14 Inch Mattress black Friday Deal 2019


Classic Brands Cool Gel 1.0 Memory Foam 14 Inch Mattress Review

this is the classic brands cool gel memory foam 14 inch plush mattress at a comfort scale rating of a seven and a half this mattress is a rather soft mattress so I’d recommend it for side or back sleepers that really want to sink into the mattress quite a bit this mattress has a number of great features that are featured in higher-end mattresses but at a great value price point starting right at the top here it’s got a stretch knit cover stretch net covers are nice because it’s a very thin material so there’s very little barrier between you and the comfort padding layers beneath it another nice feature of stretch net covers is that there’s very little inconsistency across the mattress so you’ll get a more even feel in comparison to a more traditional cover that might have tufting in it so that might create a different feel for it but this mattress does not have any of that so it will be a consistent feel all across the mattress right below the cover of this mattress is two inches of ventilated gel foam this is a polyurethane foam with gel mix into it that gel is going to make it have a more substantial feel to it and that will be added to the normal benefits of polyurethane foam which is a pressure point relief layer below that this mattress features two inches of the cool gel memory foam which is a memory foam with gel included into it so again that will give it a more overall substantial feel but the memory foam is going to give you enhanced pressure point relief it will help dampen motion between partners so if you or your partner come into bed at different times you won’t feel each other as much during when they actually get into bed in addition to that memory foam is more durable than standard polyurethane foam so that means that this mattress will have a more consistent feel through the lifetime of the mattress this mattress also comes with two memory foam pillows compressed inside the bag with the mattress below that this mattress features another layer of polyurethane foam which is one of the reasons this mattress does feel so soft it just enables you to sink into the mattress more and get good pressure point relief all the way down the core of this mattress is a high density foam layer so the high density is going to help contour to the curves of your body more and give you the deep down support that you’re looking for in your lower back region this mattress is completely made of all foam so there’s no issues if you will are in the market for an adjustable base so this mattress will work perfectly for that if you’re looking for some of the great benefits of memory foam and standard polyurethane foam that is all wrapped up into a box and delivered conveniently right to your door through UPS this mattress would be a great choice we hope this video is helpful but if you do have any other questions please feel free to reach out to us we can be contacted at one eight hundred four five five one zero five two you can leave us a comment below or you can reach out to one of our chat representatives during normal business hours

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