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Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam Hybrid 12 Inch Mattress Review

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Classic Brands Cool Gel Memory Foam Hybrid 12 Inch Mattress Review

this is the classic brands 12-inch Mercer pillowtop mattress with gel memory foam this mattress has a comfort scale of a 6 which means that it’s a solid middle-of-the-road it’s not extremely firm not extremely soft so if you’re looking for something that’s gonna be an adaptive comfort that’s gonna be basically good for back side or stomach sleepers then that’s gonna be a good choice classic brands is well known for its ability to produce pretty good quality mattresses at a very affordable price and this is no exception if you compare this model to other 12-inch mattresses you’re gonna save hundreds of dollars by going with classic brands now getting into some of the specs here the top quilt here has a pretty standard quilt it’s smooth to the touch but it has that tack and jump design so it means it has that rolling peaks and valleys while this can sometimes create kind of an inconsistent comfort depending on where you sleep it is a tried-and-true design and has been used in mattresses for a very long time the comfort itself is pretty solid when you lay on top it definitely contours to your body gives you good support to your lower back from what I found and when you roll over on your side it’s very adaptive I mean when I lay on my side you can check it out in the comfort depth video but when you lay it when I laid on my side my head was basically parallel which is a good sign Perle with the quilt that is which is a good sign it means that the mattress is contouring well to my my hips and my shoulders now getting into the specifications the this is one of the few mattresses that you’re gonna find that uses a layer of gel memory foam right on the surface most mattresses the gel memory foam is kind of stashed in the middle or towards the lower portion unless you’re talking about an all foam mattress with this one it’s right on top which I really like memory foam is the key feature in this mattress and it’s gonna really offer three main benefits one great body contouring memory foam as the name implies it has a memory it contours to your body and it stays there which allows for good plug circulation good pressure relief and less tossing and turning in addition to that it’s also one of the more durable foams so when it’s placed towards the top here that means the mattress is going to be less likely to sag or develop significant body indentations over time now last but not least memory foam is good because it also helps dampen motion so if you are light sleeper or your partner is a light sleeper or you sleep with pets that jump in and out of bed and you don’t want to and you don’t want to feel out of that motion memory foam helps cut down on that the back support system is an individually wrapped coil system pretty standard in this model this is a wool pack mattress so it’s gonna come in a bag that is put into a box so the individually wrapped system is compatible with that manufacturing process it gives good solid support it’s also one of the more forgiving coils in the market so when you roll on your side again that’s gonna give you that good adaptive feel as opposed to a tied system where it’s pretty rigid and it doesn’t doesn’t conform as well it is adjustable base friendly so if you’re the market for a base it’s fully compatible and it it works with that gel memory foam to again reduce the amount of motion transfer that’s felt from one side of the other the edge support here is pretty basic it is two rows of an extra thick individually wrapped coil system I would have liked to have seen a little bit of fabric or some type of foam on the very edge because when you run your hand along the side you can feel some of the coils there but overall it’s it’s not too bad there are better foam encased edge systems on the market but at this price point this is a pretty good system another nice feature which is pretty uncommon at this price point are the fully functional handles which make moving the mattress extremely easy and classic brands didn’t cheap out here they put handles not only on the side but also the head in the foot so no matter what angle you need to approach the mattress from whether you’re moving or just want to rotate it this is gonna be really easy to use overall in my opinion if you’re looking for a mattress that’s gonna offer a really good value it’s gonna keep your cost really low then this is gonna be a good choice especially if you’re looking for something that’s like a versatile not extremely firm not extremely soft comfort and you want that premium gel memory foam in the surface which again I really like I think it’s a nice a nice manufacturing touch we hope you found this video helpful but if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at one eight hundred four five five one zero five two or you can leave us a message on this video we’d love to hear from you or if you’d like during normal business hours you can speak with a member of our chat team vidIQIt’s free! Get started.

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