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Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Upholstered Review

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Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Upholstered Black Friday Deals 2019

Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Upholstered Review

hey guys welcome back I am very comfortable right now I am on top of a platform bed that is made by classic brands we’re gonna review this platform for you and show you how it works stay tuned [Music] hey everyone we are here today to show you our new adjustable bed we just got it it is the adjustable comfort adjustable bed from classic brands check out the link below on Amazon it’s got all the specs there we pick this bed because it was cheap the you’ve seen adjustable beds do kind of an evolution over time online not too long ago you can see these retail for around $1500 this one was way less than that so we’re really interested to see what kind of quality we’re getting this is a two-man operation this box is easily over a hundred pounds you’re gonna need two people to help move it around slide it around be very careful not to injure yourself so we’re gonna open up the box and see what’s inside the features listed we were pretty impressed with it has a massage feature and you can adjust the height of the legs underneath the bed there’s a wireless remote you can raise your feet you can raise your head up to like a zero gravity type type position so the manufacturers that classic brands thought of everything for this one so we’re really excited to open the box and see what we’re getting for such a great value according to what we saw on the Internet the set up should be really quick and easy so we’ll open up the box and see if they’re right so we have the actual bed frame of course it’s like it’s pretty solid plastic wrapping over it take off the plastic we finally got the bed out of the box and this is what it looks like without all the outer wrappings we’re gonna flip it open and see how the parts are packaged so again this top piece is kind of heavy so be careful okay so it looks like we got all the parts here this is obviously the bottom side of the bed this is where you screw in the legs and again the legs are adjustable by height which I thought was super cool because I left my bed high so let’s see here here’s some photo wrap I’m gonna lean this against the wall here all right so it looks like the two halves will need to be joined obviously by a hinge so we’ll look at the setup there but let’s look at the individual boxes in here everything’s clearly labeled there’s the foot motor underside of the bed looks solid and feel solid I really like the quality especially for the pricing page everything is so sturdy and durable and just very very well made it doesn’t feel flimsy at all everything’s metal very solid we’ve got all the pieces out of the boxes now kind of skipped over that on the video and all the pieces are pretty linked but pretty clearly labeled like this one is the head motor there’s a label here and then of course you’ve got the foot motor that’s that’s that’s over here the leg sizes come like we said in three different heights you’ve got the four inch er which is here and then you’ve got six and a half inches and if you wanted to you could also combine the two and make ten and a half inch leg and then whatever whatever height you choose you just put this on the bottom as a kind of a skid proof just get proof function and then you just screw the legs on very easy very versatile I love this feature I think it’s great based on our mattress height which is about 14 inches we are gonna go with the six inch leg so we will do that here oK we’ve screwed in all the corner legs which was the easy part it was slightly more challenging to figure out how the middle legs worked but basically you’ve got these two you’ve got these two screw holes that you line up with the holes over here and it fits over it like that the manufacturer has included their own their own little tool the allen wrench plus these screws all you have to do is just screw these in securely you kind of have to press down on the leg a little bit to kit to get the the pieces to line up so the screw goes in smoothly and then just make sure you tighten it really well with the allen wrench so you get a nice secure assembly so now let’s install the motors both of these motors have their place in these hinges that you see so all you need to do is take out the pin that keeps this this pin in place now these motors are rather heavy so be careful not to drop them yeah so it takes a little bit of manipulation but it will get through and then it’s very important that you push these pins back in to keep the assembly secure so before you flip the bed you actually have to connect the motors which I which I skipped over it and in the last segment so these motors actually come with color-coded heads and the and the motor actually has color-coded stickers to show you where to plug them in so all you have to do is follow the colors and stick the blue heads or the blue sticker show up and so you have all these four spaces that are filled by the by the plugs and then after that all you have to do is connect the power supply to the wall and then you’re good to go the motors for the massaging are here and here so we’re wondering what those what those lumps were and that’s what they are it makes your head and your feet vibrate and the motors actually work also too we were testing the remote just now and we could see the we could see the motors moving so again a very quick setup it was actually pretty easy it took a little bit of manipulation for the parts to all fit together but overall very intuitive and we were happy with the setup not too difficult at all and it was probably about twenty to thirty minutes set up with between all the figuring out and all another problem solving so not not too bad we’re excited to flip it over and see how it works now that we’ve flipped over the platform we’re ready to install the metal support bar that came with the the came with the platform this is of course to keep the mattress from sliding off the bed once you raise the head there are two metal that have been put into the platform for you and all you have to do is slide the metal bar in like this it’s really easy and that’s it our platform is ready for our mattress so we’re gonna go get our mattress and put it on top of the platform and see how it performs actually before we put the mattress on the platform we wanted to show you the remote this this platform comes with a wireless remote and it’s pretty it’s pretty neat it’s got several presets that are interesting and it of course has the massage function so let’s start with the buttons one by one this is the these two are actually massage buttons so you can choose the massager head only or your feet only okay and then here this button it actually adjusts the intensity of the massage so it can vibrate super intense or you can adjust it off adjust it down and then of course if you want to turn off the massage both zones at once you just hit this button and that’s a that of course is the off button for the massage no matter which is own is on the presets are kind of interesting there’s one for TV PC or it raises your head slightly higher than your legs if you press on that I believe it’s like 10 degrees for the feet and it’s and then 60 degrees for the head something like that and then there’s another one from Wow oops there’s another one for the lounge that you can hit and that one just slightly elevates your feet in your head and then of course you have the flat button which of course brings everything back to its original position and then there’s a really interesting setting called zero-g which brings your feet in your head to a point where your back has the least pressure which is why they call it zero-g so that’s a pretty cool button to and then of course you can also do your own custom your own custom position by raising the head or the foot independently independently of each other like that so super customizable and you can pretty much be in any position you want it’s a pretty light remote – very well made very excited to try it out we want to show you what the different preset positions like they’re actually pretty neat so I’m going to start with a TV pc setting first this one elevates your head higher than your feet so you can either watch TV or work on a laptop in bed so as you can see all you have to do is press the button and the feet and the head move independently into their preset positions and so we don’t have our mattress on here yet obviously so it’s gonna feel a little bit different than this but yeah this is pretty comfortable I can totally see myself being able to comfortably watch TV or do something do something on my laptop so the next setting next precessing to me for lounge so I’m gonna hit that button and once I hit that button it’s a little more relaxed it lowers me down and so my feet in head are slightly lower very relaxing I can see myself possibly reading like this or just laying back and reminding after a long day and the final setting is gonna be for 0g so I’m gonna press that this I thought was the coolest one it really feels good it takes the pressure off on your back by elevating your feet up a little bit and it keeps your it keeps your head back so you really feel like you’re kind of floating it feels great and then of course the final setting is flat so that brings everything back to it position we just wanted to show you guys what those presets look like we just like it that the remote offers preset positions and also the customizable option so we like options it’s just something that we thought was really cool another great feature of this bed are the USB ports that are on the side of the platform there are two spots so you could charge some electronics now there are only on one side of the bed so but it is a useful feature and we think it’s great it makes it a slightly more convenient our mattress is on our platform now so I’m going to hit the TV preset position and see how the platform handles our big heavy bed this is a 14 inch memory foam queen-size mattress so it’s very heavy and it’s very thick and this platform is actually handling it pretty well it feels super natural very relaxed and now I’m in the perfect position to watch TV or work on my laptop I love this platform bed it’s got everything on it for a great price massage preset positions customizable positions and this remote is a really convenient way to be able to operate it versus maybe like a side a side a side dashboard or something so this is great check out our links below and also on the left hand corner we’ve got more specifications down there plus the best pricing we also have a channel called inside sleep reviews where we review more sleep products mattresses and more platform beds anything to help you get a great night’s sleep so we’re really excited to share that with you too if you like our channel hit subscribe and we will see you again soon thanks for

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