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Champion Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator Review

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Champion Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator Black Friday Deals 2019

Champion Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator Review

good morning we are gonna be unboxing and checking out my new generator it’s a champion dual fuel 3400 watt inverter generator stick around and watch the unboxing welcome to everything RV by Pat hi and thank you for watching everything RV by Pat this is the 3400 champion dual fuel inverter and we are going to open it up for the first time take a look and see what’s going on in here right out of the box instructions the material funnel and what appears to be a USB converter the clip to hold the regulator here’s the regulator and LP hose looks like that’s just about it I’ll reveal yes my very own brand new real brief look if you’ve looked at any other YouTube videos on this thing you’ve probably seen all of this stuff but basically it is pretty straightforward or a battery on and off switch a circuit breaker for the 30 amp circuit breaker for the 20 amp outlets two outlets 20 amps this is for the parallel connection you can buy that separately here we have the cigarette lighter 12 volt style and abran a circuit breaker for that a neutral or a ground plate economy mode switch the start/stop and basically it’s off on and then start choke pull half choke it’s got little notches in there so that it you can feel that there’s half and there’s full out this is the it changes from from gasoline to LP gas so when it’s up like this I can plug in this adapter in the camera frame I can plug in this adapter into that and connect this end which I have not unwrapped yet to the LP tank that’s how I’m actually going to run it to start with and then in a little bit later take and get rid of the old generator and use the gasoline that I had bought last week for it in this but before I do any of that I’m gonna read some directions I’ll give you the gist of that and I’ve got to go to the store and get the right oil have not purchased oil yet anyway be seamless for you but I’ll be back in a little bit with the oil gas and battery connections and then we’ll start it up for the first time so taking a look at the Quick Start Guide pretty it’s pretty detailed with the picture first thing it says to do is to add oil so I guess we’re going to add oil I’ll turn it around and we’ll film that okay so real quick I’m gonna just take the cover off sound padding on the inside dipstick is right there might have to move this so you can see that’s where we will add the oil taking this off I’m going to take that off no oil in unit because I am putting here on the edge very nice of them to give us a dipstick okay so we’re going to put in oh that’s got a lot more than that a little over half of this into the crankcase okay that’s 300 milliliters 400 milliliters there’s 400 milliliters it says very specifically do not overfill okay there’s half of a quart just about there okay there’s 600 milliliters place the cap place it back down there’s part one done step 2 on the QuickStart guide we’re going to connect the battery alright step 3 alright guess this is still step 2 I’m going to remove the to reveal the battery terminals my little rope wrench take the battery out okay so black goes to negative red goes to positive take these little battery terminal covers off okay so when it comes it shows it’s basically a screw with a loose cap or with the square cap with a square bolt inside of it and so what we’re going to do is we will put the screw in put the terminal there and then screw it into the little nut secondly I have to kind of go fishing for that what the hole in the nut there we go tighten that but suffice it to say that this is going to cover like that and then we do the same for the positive right so the battery all connected bungee strap here hold it in replace the cover okay taking a look at this I just pulled this out there is a piece of brass that is broken this piece and that piece should be connected like such so coming from the factory my first concern is that the LP regulator the connector is obviously broken so we are and call the factory will call Amazon and I’m pretty sure that I can get a replacement real quick from what I understand they are fairly easy to work with but we’ll find out so today we are not going to run LP gas that will have to be for another day you okay so we are on step three moved to a ventilated area filling the tank with gasoline I’m gonna fill that up and then we’re gonna go on to 4a and we’re going to use unleaded gasoline and run some unleaded through it we are in the break-in period so we’re gonna run run it for about five hours with gasoline and then I’ll finish up with the rest of that [Music] all right that’s pretty good for probably a first run all right we’re going to get with our first pull first try now it doesn’t say to do this with it off I’m going to pull gently because I don’t want its first crank to fire up right away I’m just getting all the oil that we just put in there I’m gonna flow through there a little bit okay now choke it now I’m gonna turn it on when we turn the battery on you may not be able to see that or not with the lighting here but it’s lit so that means the battery is charged and let’s see what happens oh sure it from LP to gasoline you are five or six feet away getting the sound that it’s been amended some of the sound that’s come in this direction is reflecting from the box of the truck I move over hope you’re well there’s econo-mode let’s step back about 25 feet there’s 25 feet precisely measured and you and I can have a great conversation with it right there if it’s if we walk to the other side of the RV and have a we could have a real good conversation and you’d never even know it was money that I am very impressed very very impressed with us you know accepted alright I’m gonna plug it into the RV and see what happens all right so you can see we have the with the import plugin no running I’m here to where you can see we will plug the 50 amp into a dog bone 15 to 30 in my refrigerator vase let’s go home hey how’s that for a boxer dog in comment in my comments list I should be running the power surge protector with the generator government the first time I decided just leave it off you’re probably right I should have that on right outside I’ve got a bowl of water come over here to the microwave and I’m going to just see put it to the test right look okay fix the rating now we put the ball of water in the microwave put it in here for two minutes I can hear this generator speed up outside but certainly not very loud this is what the slide in by the way the slide is in as you can see and it’s cooking my water while the microwave is running the refrigerator is on auto and notice that the gas light is off norcold refrigerator microwave still running but up there so you may be able to see the ball 20 seconds left all right times up and you can see there’s water on the outside and steam rising up from the water maybe bubbles still in the water oh yeah definitely hot definitely hot boiled enough water got it boiling hot what close to in two minutes that’s some pretty good stuff I’ll pour it in the sink see that steam rise up too shabby what do you think max you like that this is my dog max say hi max sit max is a cute guy isn’t it all right here here we go we’re going to attempt to turn this on figure out that’s heat come on oh cool okay so I’ve got it spin we don’t want it down to 55 degrees let’s see if it’ll come on goes that says 58 there you go 58 degrees on not exactly a whisper quiet but certainly we have cold air coming out of that right one at the same time all right here we go we’re going to turn on the fan first much by the way right [Music] now just for the record I fully expected it for me to kick this off but we’re going to test it and see what it does okay we’ve got this temperature set at 58 degrees in here I’ve got the other one running oh my goodness people on YouTube you are not going to believe this I’ve got yes 1500 there it goes it kicked out I knew it was gonna happen I had both of them running for just a second but as you can see it it was on for just a second but as expected it was going to kick off [Music] unplug it shouldn’t have to choke it air conditioner I’ll put it follow up on this within the next couple of days that is why initial test murder generators Falacci this has been everything Harvey have a great day

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