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Black Friday Top Product Review

Canon powershot sx720 HS Review

canon powershot sx720 black Friday deal 2019
Written by Jacob

Let’s avail the benefits of black Friday, here we got the Canon PowerShot sx720 HS Black Friday deal 2019 for you. Purchase the product from our provided link and get it at the discounted price.

canon powershot sx720 black Friday deal 2019

Canon PowerShot sx720 HS Black Friday deal 2019

the guys are gone sir so I just wanted to do a little review of my new Canon I got I got the Canon 60d of course my DSLR is just too much carry around though so I got this little point shoot I got a Canon Powershot ethic 720 they’re got this at Best Buy in my price match Walmart Walmart added online for 298 but Best Buy’s was 349 and best buy price matches so thanks Best Buy so anyway it has 40 X optical zoom well the only one thing about this it does not have the place for an external microphone though that’s one thing I don’t like it does have a slopper HDMI on the side right there the came with course in the box battery charger the camera battery goes in there just push a little feel like they’re better comes out did not come with the SD card though and I have one on my computer right here mmm just a pedal in they’re just regular SD I always put the things in backwards right there he goes then right there two slides right in pops and I think that is instruction manual and single registration card junk flops and a strap that’s all in there so anyway the shoots Full HD 1080p has one thing another thing I don’t like about this I do like a camera has a hole low when it comes on you see has the LCD on the back the LCD does not flip out which I mean you’ve got to buy the higher price one if you want that has a movie mode has deals where you can shoot an iMovie has like if your I’ll show you I’m going to switch from the 60d to this can where I know that I could do that and so I’m telling y’all thanks for subscribing and I would put links to all my stuff in my videos please click on them I do get a little bit extra when do you click on those and buy something it’s no extra cost to you though that is totally through Amazon excuse me and when you subscribe it’s totally free and I just want to say I can new subscriber last night I come up to 26 now so if you’re mentally sick subscriber thank you very much I appreciate it and just keep them coming I’ll keep making videos I know I’ve done the lottery use here lightly just because I’m getting like so much stuff to do this with and let’s start do the vlog again like I said the kids are here now they’re at some time that but what they’re leaving that’ll give me some time to do stuff anyway another thing but this camera this is a tripod mount right there so you can put like my baby tripod on it right there so there’s another thing I like about it but it has auto steer our Kim talked Auto stabilizer and it has a built in flash this is all button on the side right here where is it you push that up boom flash comes up another thing I’ll show you this when I go up side and use this one say I’m zoomed in I can push this this button right here and it will like automatically focus on has like an automatic focus of what I’m trying to get a picture of if I’m trying to do that anyway so there’s a bunch of different options with this shoot like 1380 video everything else anyway I’m going to switch for my Canon 60d to this right now hey guys they’re born sir so I switch from the Canon 60d now I’m on the X 720 HS who will take it outside show you where live anyway it’s going to be a little bright cuffs up ISOs Amato the kids zoom in on them that’s all the zoom I have sorry about the shakiness there brussels true right yeah okay a little bit brighter enough that’s pretty good a little microphone on it give them good picture anyway so that’s my little mini review of the Canon teslic 720 HS appreciate you watching please like and subscribe for videos and start doing vlogs again now that I’ve done all my reviews on all my equipment but just uh thank you for everything and keep watching

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