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Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set 12 Piece review

Are you looking for Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set Black Friday deal 2019, you have to the right place. we have shared the link along with the review that will give you access to the discount.

Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set Black Friday deal 2019

Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set 12 Piece review

what’s up about to do an unboxing of the Callaway strata 12 Eastman set just got it off of Amazon I was about 2 to 18 with a little $15.00 discount I got like right off the bat so let’s get this sucker opened up just got yesterday delivered two days look at the quality see what so we got what’s up cash it’s my little black kitten cash alright so I got her opened up looks pretty good comes with a little like rain cover whatever this is a I would say the quality overall is just kind of like a cheap nylon it’s not bad I like the colors the blues really pretty on it see see if the stand comes with a stand which is not bad at all it does work think of that boom let’s take a look at coming up the club’s alright about to open up the clubs here comes with a cover for the driver everything’s wrapped in a little irons or the hybrid and the putter are all wrapped in bubble wrap which is nice we’ll go ahead and get these opened up soon this is my 3-wood fairway wood yeah all right let’s take a look at all right got the covers off these are these aren’t bad covers I mean cheat they are what they are but they look nice hang up nice lettering on it to match everything nice 460 CC composite titanium driver head Smith fairway 3 there I’m gonna take this all out tomorrow and give her all spin take a look at the grips window one second all right so grips are pretty basic Griff’s feel good though the shaft normally when you get a good driver the chef will tell you like the firmness the stiffness of it that sort of thing that’s up here assembled in China well he didn’t tell me much about this like compared to mine like old Nike drivers and stuff that would tell me that they were extra stiff shafts or something like that um for the money I guess it’s alright I could tell that it’s kind of like a acheived shaft just by handling it compared to like a really expensive like five hundred dollar driver I would say this this set is definitely good for anyone who’s just starting out I can’t get this thing to focus there so I’m gonna open up the hybrid and the putter show you guys that all right so let’s start out with the hybrid it’s a five hybrid like I said this whole entire sets of really really basic groups are pretty much all the same there’s my favorite iron the seven iron it’s my go-to iron it comes with six seven eight and nine iron no no pitching wedge no sandwich that’s what you don’t get with it oh actually no I’m wrong it does come with the pitching wedge there no sandwich though if that’s what you’re looking for putter pretty basic putt-putt putter no well designed I won’t know that until actually use it nice conformed putting grip that you would see on most you know ten twenty dollar putters kind of thing again I won’t really know performance-wise but that’s what you get let’s take a look at the bag a little bit more like I said it comes with a cover pockets big pocket there basic ball pocket and then another top pocket there make what your glove in tees assuming there’s another one back here yet a large pocket they’re a little bit larger maybe for your uh don’t see a huge huge pocket there I’m bad for a bag like a bag comes with a kind of the starter golf set trying to see if it specifically has a spot for umbrella which I don’t think it does I haven’t I’m sure you could probably just shove it shove it in this side pocket there yeah not bad though for a couple hundred bucks to get yourself a full golf set and get yourself into the game I would give it definitely a four star rating overall you can tell the clubs are Penna just kind of starter clubs deeply made they’re not meant to last you forever bags actually really nice especially with the cover I look at my old Nike bag it’s heavier crap this thing which is this way just kind of give you an idea it’s not bad like it’s not gonna wear you out could be a little bit later obviously most of the newer batiks I would say this is geared towards a like a brand new player just getting into the game doing lessons with a golf pro I did I don’t golf as much as I used to get away from that and I would say needing the upgrade and getting new clubs and only playing maybe once or twice a year this is all I need honestly this will last me probably five years only playing a couple times a year if you’re gonna play like every weekend you definitely want to get a better set I’d definitely go for like a 500 hours set over this and if there’s no reason you know I see a lot of people spend a thousand dollars on their irons if you got a you guys if you don’t a $500 said you’re playing number week is gonna be better than this 200 our set I’ll give it four stars on Amazon though it’s not bad you know I said I played on it lasted me at least five years playing a couple times every year sitting around in the garage or basement eventually gross we’re up well that’s pretty much it for this video thanks for watching and if you liked the video hit the like button if you want to sub I do random videos fitness outdoors stuff sports that’s pretty much it for me right now so please

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