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Black Friday Top Product Review

Brother SE400 Sewing and Embroidery Machine Review

Brother SE400 Black Friday deal review
Written by Jacob

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Brother SE400 Black Friday deal 2019

Brother SE400 Black Friday deal review

Brother SE400 Review


okay so we are back and I’ve got the next part is to get your fabric it’s on the second right over here myself the next thing you want to do is get your fabric hooped because denim is so thick you want to take your hoop and unscrew it as much as you can because it’s easier that way I’ve been now this like the third denim I’ve done so I kind of know that it takes a lot to get it on okay this is just tearaway stabilizer when you get your machine it tells you you should always use a stabilizer whether whatever fabric you’re using I haven’t tried making one without stabilizer I’ve been using stabilizer for everything so I’m not sure exactly what happens if you don’t have the stabilizer okay so if you’ve ever embroidered with embroidery hoop it’s the same thing the only difference is it has this one the only difference between this and irregular is that hook on for your machine so go ahead and there’s a little arrow here and a little arrow here so what you want to do is you want to line those up together put that down Center your fabric put your coupon and push down it’s little tough on this denim have it wide enough okay so when you’re pulling your fabric taunt you want to full pull it pull pull your paper at the same time you pull your fabric because if you don’t and you pull your paper it’s going to tear so you want to pull tight together since I’m just using this for pockets you want to if you’re doing it for a blouse pattern you want to make sure your fabric is centered because you want to and you also want to make sure that let me just show you here is that simplicity pattern you want to make sure that wherever you embroider you’re going to have enough fabric to cut your pattern out okay so that’s okay but we’re going to use this for pockets anyway so it doesn’t matter exactly how centered it is but I tight and then I pull and I tighten and I pull this is the really them–all besides the machine does the rest of the work this is really critical as far as getting you want this as tight as a drum and like I said if you don’t get it tight you’re going to get all that puckering and your fabric and you just don’t want that so the more time you spend making sure this is tom tight as a drum the happier you’re going to be with your final product so make sure your frame stays in closed in there I’m using a screwdriver because I’m just not strong enough to get this tight enough so your machine actually comes with another screwdriver to do just that same thing anyway so keep pulling until you can get it as tight and you’re going to be able to press down on it and you’re going to be able to feel that you hear that yeah that’s how you want it you want it tight just like that one more time and I think we can go ahead and put it on the machine okay a couple more time turn Zinn here and I think we are ready to go I’m sure that’s all the way down tight don’t ever pick a pattern that’s bigger than your frame because if you do it’s going to hit your frame and sort of break your needle it might Jam your machine okay so let’s go ahead and pull this closer to us so you can get a better bird’s-eye view of this let me bring this around for you okay so first thing you want to do is you want to lift your presser foot up see how it lifts that needle up a little bit more and what you’re going to do is you’re going to insert these metal hooks into this hook right here so bring your machine up lift your pressure foot if you can’t get it under get that out of the way and then this is going to actually snap in place okay snapped okay so what you want to do is make sure your fabrics out of the way so that you can make sure your carriage will move properly okay so now we can turn our machine on you see where you’re at what you can see okay so okay so we’ve got our make sure your thread is nice and it’s loose press the needle position to erase the button so let’s go button up okay and what your first thing you’re going to get is a message that’s going to ask you your carriage of your embroidery unit will move and they want you not to put anything over here in the way to obstruct the and don’t ever try and move this back and forth manually because you’ll ruin your machine so let that do it itself okay so go ahead and say okay your carriage will move and that will take you to your embroidery mode so here’s where all your patterns are there’s all my patterns to 1 to 70 so you just scroll around where you’re looking for that and we’re going to do little hearts there’s the butterfly we’re going to do little hearts for the pocket so pick that and that will take me to it tells me to do my heart’s in the flesh pink but I’m not doing it in pink I’m doing it in the silver thread for the Levi’s fabric so now I know that I’ve already done this and I want to be able to make this smaller so what we want to do is go to let me show you what the first menu is first menu is check color and then it will tell you if you want it I don’t know what that is just check color so then this one is where you want to cut what percentage of how you want to cut it let’s return that let’s go to adjust then you can go to layout okay once you get to the layout menu you’re able to move your it’s centered right now see how that hardest centered you can take your up-and-down and see how it’s changing your direction of that I’m going to take this and I’m going to do the heart at the very top of that frame and the reason why is because I’m going to do another one in the very bottom and as soon as it’ll go as high as it can and then once it gets to the very top it won’t go any further and that tells you it won’t fit any further on the frame so I’m going to put it right there okay you can do a reverse image you can go over to the side back to the side you can enlarge it okay so that’s your layout menu go to your size menu and see how you can go small or large so what I’m going to do is I’m going to make it smaller and then it took me back to where I was originally but see how that thing is turning it’s changing and I’m making it smaller and the small as I can go on this is 2.4 by 2.7 so I’m going to go ahead and do that so then I’m gonna go back to layout and go back up to the top so now I’m going to be able to so okay so I’m my button still red I’ve got everything planned out the way I want it I’ve got everything set but my light’s still red so it’s telling me that I need to lower my presser foot and then it turned green okay so I’m going to use about Oh two to three inches of thread here and I’m going to press my button to go and if I had any tail left over I would have stopped my machine right now and cut it off so it wouldn’t so it wouldn’t have gotten caught in my design at all okay it tells me I’m finished sewing when you get your book and I’ll tell you exactly how long it takes you to make us so this one was a two-minute design okay I should have gone higher I don’t know if I can get two pockets out of the same piece without putting another piece of piece of fabric in here I don’t know if I can get two or not I don’t think I can but let me see if I can yeah I probably can but anyway I am I will um I’m jammed on me and almost could have broken that thread was getting all frayed there a little bit okay anyway say okay so I’m only going to do this because of the video but I’ll do another heart some other time but anyway okay so once your designs done this is a release button you just push this down and your frame comes right out lift your presser foot up and then just slide your frame right out shut your machine off let’s move this out of the way okay so that was my I was men I should have gone higher than I could have got my two hearts on there for sure but anyway that is your design there’s your monofilament on the back if you have any loose ones you can just pull them out right like that just cut them okay so I’ve got the tearaway I’m going to take this off to the frame I’ve got the tearaway tearaway stabilizer on the back so we’re just going to take this off and tear it away like I said I’m just new on all this stuff so I’m not the best person to be demonstrating this but I haven’t learned all of the nooks and crannies of these things yet okay so there’s your fabric with your heart that’s a lot of fabric for a little pocket but now you just want to take this stabilizer and just tear it right off and then you can I like using that sheet protector like this and then I would cut my own way put my pocket design so I can make sure I get it exactly even where I want it so anyway that’s the silver thread on blue denim and that’s what it looks like with the tearaway stabilizer you just don’t tear away it’s just paper so you can just go ahead and wash that in your regular washing machine no problem so there you go okay well that’s a demonstration on the on the embroidery part of the machine so whether that’s something you want to get involved with or not you know it’s a personal preference thing okay so I’ll see you guys later have a good one

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