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Brentwood Home Cypress Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress review

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Brentwood Home Cypress Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress review Black Friday Deal 2019

Brentwood Home Cypress Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress Review

hey everyone I’m Jeff Rizzo from my slumber yard calm today we’re doing a review of the Cypress mattress from Brentwood home so this is their most affordable bed I think it starts for like a twin at close to three hundred dollars so this is a bed that’s really targeting people that want kind of the eco-conscious natural type organic type bed but can’t necessarily pay up for their expensive mattresses so this is more of their entry-level bed targeting young professionals college students and people that are on a little bit more of a limited budget it’s a really affordable bed it’s a gel memory foam bed and in today’s video we’re gonna talk about kind of the ins in the outs of it some of the things we like and don’t like some of the stuff you’ll want to know about the bed of course like always we did an accompanying full written review on our website or at least a roundup of all the Brentwood home beds and we’ll have that down below in the description as well so just check out everything in the text below the video screen let’s get to it [Music] all right so let’s start with the policies for the Cyprus mattress this is really important I think a lot of people overlook it so free shipping you’re not going to pay anything extra for the delivery of the mattress it typically shows up within like three to seven business days somewhere around there and once you get it to your house this is the kicker and this is the reason I think a lot of people will end up getting a Brentwood home mattress you have one full year to test it out in your house before you make any decision if you decide you don’t want the bed you know basically for any reason or no reason then at all you can get all of your money back a full year test when you have 12 months to test out the bed if you don’t like it you can still get your money back after 10 months 6 months whatever and if you do keep it it comes with a 25-year warranty and the bed is made in the United States I believe they actually make their beds in Southern California so just some policy information there for you as far as the pricing goes for the bed it is very affordable so they make two different models and basically the price for the Queen ranges from five to six hundred dollars let me repeat myself five to six hundred dollars typically Brentwood home mattresses are well over a thousand dollars they’re really expensive or not really expensive but they’re they’re more in that premium price point this guy extremely affordable now I’m not really familiar I have to admit with their discount or coupon situation on this bed in particular we typically have a deal on some of their more expensive beds just maybe just check everything in the description sometimes we’ll post a link I just don’t know I just know that queen size is between five and six hundred dollars depending on the model you get so what are the two models to choose from they have an 11 inch which is like a firmer bed and then they have a 13 inch which we have here which is a little bit of a like a softer bed kind of closer to that medium medium firm range somewhere around there so I think most people if you’re dealing with a five to six hundred dollar price point bed you’re probably gonna want to get the 13 inch because the majority of people sleep on their side that at least that’s according to you know survey with like two thousand respondents that we’ve had the majority of people sleep on their side so I think the 13-inch is the way to go but if you sleep more on your back or your stomach you may want to test out the 11 inch so the 13-inch I see is being good for all sleeping positions but a little bit more accommodating for side sleepers if you get that 11 inch it’s mostly back and stomach sleepers so what’s inside the cyprus mattress it’s a fairly basic construction but one thing that’s interesting is the cover and we’ll talk about that so the first thing is it starts with a support core and that’s just dense foam and that’s between six and a half and a seven and a half inches thick depending on the model you select then they have a transitional layer of like two inch foam that’s more of a neutral foam and then they have gel memory foam that’s either two and a half inches thick or three and a half inches thick and that depends on the model that you select and the gel memory foam is the type of foam that you lay on it conforms to your body but it’s not the type of phone that makes you feel or you know really stuck in the bed you will be able to switch positions it’ll take a little bit of effort but it’s not crazy like a 1994 memory foam bed so you get the pressure relief you get the true memory foam feel but not as much resistance as maybe you’re used to so I think it’s a really comfortable feel and again you’re gonna feel most of that memory foam because that’s the primary comfort layer if you get the firmer model obviously that’s gonna be a little bit you know a firmer profile so you’re not gonna sink in as much as far as the cover goes it actually has bamboo sort of woven in so bamboo fibers which is obviously a naturally derived material it’s hypoallergenic it’s gonna resist things like odor bacteria it’s naturally moisture wicking and its really soft you probably won’t really notice because it could be under your sheets but it’s a very very very soft material and it’s gonna do a pretty good job in terms of you know temperature regulation being a little bit more breathable it’s not like some of the covers where you can just feel them retaining the heat so I like that they have the bamboo cover it’s it’s unique because usually you see organic cotton or polyester or tencel fibers but the fact that they have a bamboo cover is pretty nice as well I think that’s one of the bigger selling points because you know it’s somewhat naturally derived that cover and by the way the entire mattress is Green Guard Gold certified by the UO environment which is really difficult to get I can’t even remember all the sort of patience that the bad has a health up my head to be honest with you so if you check out our full review or if you check out our review of the Brentwood Helen beds I’m sure we’ll have them in there or you can check out their website which I’ll link in the description as well they have a bunch I know they have the certipure-us certified funds and the beds so they have a lot but the big one at least for us is the green guard Gold certified so I think that’s that’s pretty nice to have on this mattress so I already covered construction sort of what it feels like all the different options let’s talk about some of the smaller more finite details like temperature regulation we see this as more of a neutral sleeping bed it’s not a cool sleeping bed despite the fact that it uses GL memory foam has the kind of upgraded breathable cover it’s more of a neutral bed I wouldn’t consider it a fantastic option for really hot sleepers I’d say it’s kind of middle-of-the-road like a lot of the other foam beds we’ve checked out in terms of temperature regulation mostly neutral now if you’re looking to sleep on the bed with a partner you’re gonna care about two other elements aside from feel and firmness and price and the materials and all that and those are edge support and motion isolation the bed does a really good job of deadening motion if you have someone else that sleeps on the bed with you and they move a lot you’re not necessarily gonna be jostled awake it’s better than your typical innerspring bed so it does a pretty good job of deadening motion because it has all foam probably not the best out there but pretty good in terms of motion isolation edge support is okay it’s just as good as you know basically every other gel memory foam or foam bed out there I’m not gonna write home about it but I think it’ll be fine so really the Cypress mattress is the entry-level affordable gel memory foam bed from Brentwood home it’s targeting you know consumers that grow up maybe to buy their other beds and and look I like it there’s a lot of things to like if you like memory foam if you want to be able to select between two firmness options if you want the cover and all the other things I talked about before I think it’s it’s a pretty nice mattress so the big thing is you got to like gel memory foam and if you like it then you’ll probably like the bed let me know what you think though I mean if you’ve had any experience with it we’d really appreciate it if you wrote us in the comments because a lot of times we get our best suggestions from our audience and people fill us in on experiences with different bed so we appreciate that have a great day

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