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Black Friday Top Product Review

Bowflex Blaze Home Gym Review

bowflex blaze home gym black friday deal 2019
Written by Jacob

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Bowflex Blaze Home Gym Black Friday Deal 2019

bowflex blaze home gym black friday deal 2019

Bowflex Blaze Black Friday Deal 2019 – Review

alright we’re going to talk about weight equipment for a minute i’m going to show you my bowflex sport if i had the space for one of these and I was just starting out this is probably what I would pick if I could only have one piece of exercise equipment so these things new costs I pick this one and you can get them for about that on pretty much any classified and you probably would only have to wait a month or two it’s definitely worth the wait so I’ll show you what it is i like about these and why i think it’s the best bang for your buck ok so with this thing you can work out pretty much every part of your body I’m not going to lie to you and tell you it’s just as good as a squat rack in a regular bed but for the price you can’t beat it so the way it works is that these things they’re called power knots these are what give you your resistance I’ll come over here to show you basically this pulley is sort of the main ingredient you just hook whatever a rod you want onto here and have numbers on them that roughly correspond to poundage I guess but I wouldn’t go off of that if you can benchpress 100 pounds doesn’t mean you’re going to come on here hook up to 50 s and that’s going to be the same thing resistance is way different and you might find it easier or harder depending so you hook up be equal I got pseudo penalties on the other side and then you go to town on whatever you’re going to do so right now this is set up for chest exercises so you can come on here and do something like that just be straight out or you can do some sort of a fly and I really like it for that and they use it for that or you could do some sort of a crunching motion or whatever and you can also do curls on this so this bench slides and a little pigeon slides out this thing also comes off so you can move it out of the way you want to and then you can come in here and do curls you can also reverse that you do reverse curls anything you want to do it also it comes with this lat pulldown tower and the way to engage this so here’s my snap clip that’s got the handle on it you just pop that right on there like so typically have take the weight off for that but this is why not that I can handle that so if you do this on both sides like so very quickly now have either a lap around so you can sit down and pull this down or you can do a tricep extension like so so think of the resistance on these bands we’re sorry these rods is that it’s really easy at the top but it gets really hard at the bottom so what you’ll notice is it’s waiting easier than free leads the beginning then it gets really hard in the end the reason I like that I like that for a couple movements I like that for chest exercises because typically when you’re doing a bench it’s the easiest at the end and that’s pretty unnatural because you want it to be the hardest to do so it’s good for chest I like it for biceps and triceps for the same reasons I like it four legs for the same reasons legs on here technically it’s got these pulleys down here technically you could run the cable through there and using this bar do some sort of squatting exercise I’ve done that before it’s a joke and I wouldn’t even waste your time with that if you don’t have a squat rack maybe it’s the best you can do but it’s just really awkward because of the the maximum resistance is at the top but you want it to be at the bottom so it’s kind of backwards but for doing light exercises like extensions and curls so this isn’t hooked up at the at the moment but if I’m coming up here on a leg extension this is where I want it to be the hardest and this is where I wanted to be the easiest and that’s the way it works then you can flip over lay down on the bench here and do leg curls so with my ankles up i can do like curls here so this is pretty good and like i said you can get one of these for about 150 bucks use our online classifieds I don’t want to take it off from the other side like that whatever the one caveat if you’re going to get something like this used be sure to maybe bring a friend with you who’ve sanitized before or watch some articles because if you’re missing your daughter or art to buy replacement for this cost a fortune ah the second thing is you may find yourself in a position where you can do all the weight this comes with okay so for example on flies I can already do all the way this comes with okay but come over here for a second the good news is maybe this is also something to pay attention to if you’re ordering one tour buying one on the classifieds scum around here so if you notice this is the least expensive version of the power rods you got two blanks here in an attachment here well these allow you to put two more of these 50s which is the heaviest weight you can get in here and then you can also buy an attachment where you can put another 250 s on there so it brings you up to 4 10 equivalency 410 pounds although like I said that doesn’t mean much but that’s pretty damn heavy and I’d be surprised if you could do that the bad news is if you buy yours used and you don’t already have these these costs a lot of money ok so I’m going to show you a hack where you can put these in for a lot cheaper than otherwise it would cost you

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