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Black Friday Deals 2019 Buying Guide

Best Portable Air Compressor Reviews & Buying Guide

best portable air compressor black friday deals 2019
Written by Jacob

Here you will get the portable air compressor black Friday deals 2019. After choosing the right product for you, grab the unit from our link to Avail the Exclusive discount.

A punctured tire on the side of the road in the dark and without anyone to help you equals a miserable experience that’s when a portable air compressor is worth its weight in gold when traveling stay tuned as today we’ll bring you the five best portable air compressors to carry in your car whether you need the best of the best or just the most affordable option we have the one that’s right for you if you want to find the best prices link on our provided links, you will get the discount

best portable air compressor black friday deals 2019

Best Portable Air Compressor Black Friday Deals 2019

breeze tire inflator

In the first spot is the breeze tire inflator a cool-looking portable air compressor with high power performance it can inflate a tire up to a hundred and fifty psi or pounds per square inch and it can offer ten minutes of continuous usage inflating a standard tire up to 35 psi takes less than four minutes truly efficient for any emergency situation it has a long-lasting and bright LED light that makes reinf lating a tire easier at night or to help you do quick repairs when in a darkened environment the large clearly lit LCD display with high precision digital pressure gauge enables you to easily calculate the required psi kg cm to bar and kPa units the Savi tire inflator also allows you to preset the necessary pressure value and then automatically shuts off when it reaches the desired PSI thus eliminating any inconvenience and reducing the worry of over or under inflating the tire the two-way radiator of this compact device reduces the generated noise while it’s in use this handy air compressor measures seven point nine by seven point three by two point four inches and weighs just two point four pounds a real space saver it comes with a ten foot power cord that easily reaches each of your tires whether it’s a car ATV motorbike midsize SUV or bicycle it has three additional adapters that can be used to inflate rubber boat balls air mattresses and other inflatables after using this machine continuously for over 10 minutes allow it to rest for 15 minutes and then it’s ready for another fully packed performance.


EP auto 12 volt DC portable air compressor

The second compressor on our list is the EP auto 12 volt DC portable air compressor pump EP Auto understands how difficult it is when you get your wheel punctured especially when you’re in the dark that’s why this amazing air compressor comes with a built-in LED flashlight that will illuminate your vehicle no matter how dark it gets the bright torch can also be helpful if you want to signal other travelers for help another wonderful feature about this item is that the power cord can be connected directly into the car’s 12-volt electrical outlet or cigarette lighter socket just be sure to use a 12 volt DC outlet because the 24 volt power supply might not be compatible you can easily bring this device anywhere you go because it only measures 13.5 by eight point one by five point six inches while it’s 3.73 pounds and weight makes it light and easy to carry this incredible compressor also features clear and accessible display units that allow you to calculate and monitor the amount of pressure what’s more is when the tire reaches its preset pressure the air compressor automatically turns off to avoid over inflation with this air compressor you can easily inflate a tire on a car sedan mid-sized SUV motorcycle and even a bike and the best part this product can also be used to inflate just about any other inflatable material or item however it may not be suitable for LT HT or truck tires the EP Auto 12 volt DC portable air compressor pump is seee certified because your safety is their top priority before we head to our next three products you might be wondering how the air compressor got its start well the first air compressor was invented during the late 18th century and was called the blowing cylinder like a scene from an old movie it was also powered by a waterwheel like any other invention this is a product of centuries of scientific development and innovation as the years went by and thanks to technological advancements the air compressor now comes in different shapes sizes features and uses grabbing.


GSPSCN dual cylinder air compressor pump

At number five is the GSPSCN dual cylinder air compressor pump this comprehensive air compressor has many of the top-of-the-line features and is made with high quality and heavy duty materials the GSP is powerful and reliable with its double cylinder design a standard tire will be full in a span of just two minutes thanks to its air flow rate of 70 litres per minute the metal pump has a direct drive motor to work both cylinders resulting in a highly efficient process this awesome air pump has an LED light as well which is great when you need to use it at night or in dimly lit spaces it reduces the possible risk in danger if you’re stuck toward the middle of the road as it also serves as an additional backup light the power cord which can be used in a cigarette lighter port or electrical socket is eleven and a half feet long and has a built in 25a fuse the package also includes a spare fuse as well along with the 1.8 foot inflation tube it also comes with a screw connector which tightly connects to the tire valve to top it off it comes with a high-quality oxford bag for easy transportation and convenience, of course, it’s also flexible as it doesn’t just inflate car tires but swimming rafts floats footballs toys motorcycles and bike tires well that wraps up our list of the five best portable air compressors of course we value your opinions and suggestions so please let us know your thoughts in the comments below catch any of these fine products at a great deal by clicking the link in the description box also remember to tap the Bell icon so that you can receive a notification when we upload our next video also don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more product reviews thanks for watching and we hope you check out our next video here on the review tube Channel


brill 12 volt DC tire inflator pump

Well let’s continue getting the fourth spot is the brill 12 volt DC tire inflator pump an ergonomic portable machine which is designed for emergency it inflates it illuminates and it gives off a brilliant red SOS light the versatile three-in-one design which includes the built-in standard flashlight and emergency flashing SOS light on top of the air compressor can be just what you need in a critical situation if you’re on the road on a regular basis then this compact machine is a must-have along with a reliable emergency road kit this is a great way to inflate car bicycle and motorcycle tires as well as balls air mattresses rubber rafts and athletic equipment it has the ability to pump air up to 150 psi a flat tire on a midsize car can be inflated by using the 30 psi in less than four minutes the bright LCD display helps you set the right pressure which is important because it will help you maximize your gas per mile average and cause less wear on your tires ensuring that they last longer this user-friendly economical and powerful compressor is also safe to use it’s equipped with a microprocessor that monitors the pressure in the tire and stops the process automatically once the precise pressure is reached the power cord can easily reach up to 15 feet and is powered by a 12-volt DC battery each air compressor comes with a spare fuse carrying and storage case two nozzle adaptors user manual and a free gift a double USB charger closing things out


healt echo a portable air compressor

The third spot on our list is the healt echo a portable air compressor there’s nothing more inconvenient than having a flat tire out in the middle of nowhere and without someone to help you this terrific product will minimize the hassle of repairing a puncture during your trip made with premium quality ABS plastic and corrosion resistant steel you can rest assured that this air compressor will last a lifetime it measures nine point eight by six point four by four point four inches and weighs just over two and a half pounds so it’s light compact and portable there’s no reason to be afraid of the dark either because this air compressor features an emergency LED light that will brighten your path it also has a digital LCD display that allows you to calculate the PSI kPa bar kg and CM to cut down considerably on the time spent inflating your tire this compressor is guaranteed to rapidly force in the air with a flow rate of 35 pounds per litre to a maximum pressure of a hundred and fifty psi at this speed you can pump up a standard tire in as fast as three minutes to avoid potential over inflation this compact air compressor also has an auto shutoff feature that automatically stops when it reaches the set tire pressure this can also be used to inflate the wheels of any car bicycle or motorcycle to make inflating smooth and easy a strong and durable cable is included it measures 11 and a half feet and can easily be connected with any 12-volt power source the additional three nozzles also included can be used to inflate balloons balls toys and just about anything else that needs a little extra air one thing to note is while you’re using this air compressor at home be sure you have an AC to DC power adapter upon purchase this product also comes with a user manual a storage bag and extra fuse not to mention an 18 month extended warranty is also available well we’re down now to our last two products did any of the first three catch your eye if so simply click on the link in the description box below to take advantage of our special offer while you’re at it we want to personally invite you to join our growing community by hitting the subscribe button you can also receive a notification whenever we upload new videos when you tap the bell icon lastly please let us know your thoughts and suggestions by entering them in the comment box.


Best Portable air compressor – Buying Guide

How to Choose Portable Air Compressor

hey i’m mike finnegan host of Finnegan’s garage and roadkill and today I want to go air compressor shopping with you guys now here’s what you need to know when you’re buying a compressor first things first be honest with yourself what are you really going to use this compressor for is it gonna be occasionally used in your home garage just to fill the tires on your hot rod or are you gonna be running air tools as you sand down the entire body of your car this is important because some of those tools can consume a lot of air and the more air they consume the larger tank you’re gonna need the more horsepower you’re gonna need and ultimately the more input voltage you’re gonna need to run that compressor so let’s talk about electricity most houses you’re in your home garage you have 120 volt outlets throughout that’s no problem those are the things powering the light bulbs in your garage very few of them have 230 or 240 volt outlets those are the kind of things that power your clothes washer got a washroom your garage you can unplug it you can plug in a larger compressor you can also have a certified electrician come to your house and rewire outlets in your garage to add more power again more power bigger compressor better tools you can run now the next thing you need to think about is how much space do you have in your garage and how much noise can you make before you anger your neighbors and that’s important because a lot of compressors make a lot of noise and in general an oilless compressor or a single stage compressor that thing can make upwards of 90 or 100 decibels and what is ninety or hundred decibels that’s a loud car going by so if you plan to work late at night you need to make sure you can position that compressor in your garage where it’s gonna be muffled a little bit while still having a lot of free air around it thank you there are compressors out there you can buy that have wheels on them they’re very portable you know if you’ve got jobs at the front of the garage or outside of the house or you’re gonna help out your neighbors you might want to look at a compressor with wheels on it the one thing you need to think about though is that in general if a compressors got wheels on it it’s portable but it’s not as large as one that’s meant it on the ground that one there has a sixty gallon air intake it’s perfect for running high-volume tools like a dual action sander or a grinder that sort of thing the kind of tool you’ll use for long periods of time that eats up a lot of air that is not portable you need to set it down you need to bolt it down you make sure it’s positioned properly it has the proper input voltage and that thing is a workhorse it’s gonna do anything in your garage you need so let’s talk about applications for an air compressor there’s two guys I think at home right now there is a kind of guy who’s gonna work all the time on cars and you’re gonna use tools like this this is a six-inch random orbit palm sander this is about 15 CFM of air this is a three inch cut off tool this at full song will eat up 31 CFM of air which is a lot what does that tell you you need as much reserve tank and as much compressor power as you can afford if you’re a guy who’s at home and you’re probably only filling up tires or your kids pool toys or you have the patience of a monk you don’t need a ton of compressor because what ends up happening is when you use this tool you’re gonna stand a bit and then you’re gonna stop because this thing’s not going to run very efficiently you’re gonna wait for that compressor to fill up the air tank and then you can keep going like I said if you’re super patient you don’t need a monster compressor but if you’re gonna hurry or you want to work efficiently or you’re gonna use tools like this buy as much tank and as much compressor as you can afford so you know what tools you’re gonna be running and you know how much air each tool consumes choose the right compressor you should add up the CFM requirements of each of those tools assuming you and your buddy are gonna work at the same time in the garage and then add thirty percent to that number that’ll tell you exactly how much compressor you need well you picked out the compressor it’s at home it’s ready to go to work you’ve got brand new air tools let’s not screw this up by picking the wrong fittings in the wrong hose these two fittings right here have the exact same thread size but they have a radically different orifice ease and if you choose the small one and you choose the small hose your half inch drive impact gun may not take the lug nuts off your truck and the reason for that is the longer your hose and the smaller the diameter the less air pressure you have coming into the tool good example of this you have 90 psi coming out of your air tank you feed it through this 3/8 hose and this tiny fitting when you go and pull the trigger on your air pack gun you don’t have 90 psi anymore you know about 75 but pick the bigger fitting upgrade to a half inch hose and you can adjust your regulator and get full air pressure to make that tool work the way the manufacturing kit let’s talk applications let’s say you’re at home and you’re just gonna put some air in the tires on your car maybe do a home renovation project you don’t need a giant air compressor to do that a three gallon air tank a one horsepower engine maybe a pancake style air compressor it’s perfect for you you want to do a little more than that Campbell Haas field makes quiet six and eight gallon air compressors that’ll do a lot of jobs if you are really serious about working on cars like I am you need a monster compressor to do that job let’s say you’re gonna work on an orbital sander an air drill you know lug nuts all those different jobs maybe you’re running more than one tool at once because your buddies are over that one there is perfect that’s a 60 gallon air tank that’s a single-stage engine that puts out over three horsepower this thing will make over 10 CFM at 90 psi and if you crank it up to 135 psi which is its max output it still makes over 9 CFM of airflow this thing is amazing when shopping for a compressor there’s two specs you want to focus on the first one is psi that stands for pound per square inch that’s a measurement of the force of air coming out of the compressor that’s important but not nearly as this next spec CFM that stands for cubic feet per minute that is a measurement of the volume of air coming out of you the higher the CFM the more efficient your compressor is and the better your air tools will operate so get as much CFM as you possibly can whenever you shop for a compressor here’s what you need to be careful there is CFM and there’s s CFM SCFM is corrected to atmospheric conditions that number will always be higher than CFM so when you’re looking at air tools you want air tools that consume as little air as possible so when you’re comparing apples to apples all the tools you look at when you’re shopping need to have an SCFM rating for instance you look at two palm Sanders from two different manufacturers one may say it only consumes 4 CFM it sounds great right wrong you look at the other tool it says it consumes 30 s CFM well when you correct the first one that only had 4 CF an American sumption it may actually be more than the one that had 30 everything has to be standard okay so shop look for SCFM you’ll know exactly what you’re comparing a lot more information go to Campbell hostel comm to find out about all of these awesome tools and if you want to see more of what I’m doing in my garage go to youtube and search for Finnegan’s garage

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