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Black Friday Top Product Review

ASUS VivoBook L203MA Laptop Review – Ultra-Thin

ASUS VivoBook L203MA Laptop Black Friday Deals
Written by Jacob

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ASUS VivoBook L203MA Laptop Black Friday Deals 2019


ASUS VivoBook L203MA Laptop Black Friday Deals

ASUS VivoBook L203MA Laptop Review

hello and welcome to another ASD productions video today I wanted to do a hardware overview of the Aizu svevo book I have here again it is the let’s focus eetu o3m this is the one rocking the intel celeron n400 earthmoving 4000 cpu with 4 gigs of ram and 32 gigs of storage and I’m going to be comparing it to my Lenovo IdeaPad 120 s now this is an older generation they have the 130s out now but hardware wise as far as like the keyboard and the ports and everything they’re identical the only difference that I can tell between them is if the 130 you get the newer CPU you can get either 2 gigs and 32 gigs of storage to take is 2 gigs of ram 32 gigs of storage or 4 gigs of ram and 64 gigs of storage and you can also get in blue if you get the 32 gigs of storage and 2 gigs of ram so that’s the only difference is i can really tell between them ports look the same keyboard looks the same screen looks the same so as far as the the hardware goes other than the cpu and the amount of memory and storage they look to be identical so i feel like it’s a fair comparison so first and foremost as you can tell this laptop i’ve been using it for about a week and a half or so and it is decidedly a fingerprint magnet however because of that pattern that’s on there let’s see if we get that to focus in there we go well uh it kind of wants to there we go it doesn’t show too bad it actually looks quite nice however this does have a skin on it but the plastic that underneath is underneath is kind of a oh it’s not shiny at all I’ll see can I peel this up a little bit I’m gonna peel the skin but it’s not shiny it’s more in dev an industrial look not not quite as that is the bottom but it definitely is more of an industrial harder wearing I think laptop but I’m not too concerned about it because these laptops are not laptops you’re going to be carrying around for four or five years like I have with some other laptops these are more of a you know one to 18 month you know one year to 18 month time frame that you’re gonna be using this laptop they’re so inexpensive you can quickly upgrade every year to the new technology when it comes out and so you will never be spending too much for a laptop or nor will you be keeping forever very long so I’m not too worried about this getting scraped up or scuff because you know statically could be very long other aspects of it when I mentioned earlier the ports they do have identical ports they both have on this side we have USB 3.0 you have a headphone microphone jack on this side you have the micro USB adapter flip these around to the other side we have both have HDMI both have USB type-c both have a second USB 3.0 adapter the micro SD card readers on this side of the Aces and both have the power buttons there this does have a power LED there whereas the Aizu s– has one on the inside on the left of the keyboard I like this on the inside because I can close the lid it not have a go to sleep and if I want to list them like an audiobook something off the laptop I can do that and not have that light blinking story with the lenovo it’s blinking that’s just personal preference not really one way or the other now as far as size they’re extremely close in size the lenovo is ever so slightly taller ever so slightly wider and longer and it is ever so slightly heavier now we’re talking millimeters in length and height and width if even that much tenth of a millimeter and weight is maybe a couple ounces I haven’t physically weighed them but you know just in the hand feel it’s an ounce or two maybe three heavier not a big deal either way for them both extremely compact extremely light laptops and that’s what I love about this class is this is something that you can throw in your bag and take to school take to work as a second laptop like my work I can’t do anything personal on my work laptop so if I need to send us an email during my lunch break or if I need to pay a bill or something like that I can just have this laptop sit in my bag it’s taken up a you know a pound and a half two pounds of weight and then I can use it on my lunch breaks when I need to and not have to worry about using my work computer to do personal things like that I’ve also enjoyed just the overall functionality of them but I will say this the new processor is a big step up from the old processor they did have a four core Celeron which was the 3450 which i think is a better processor than the four thousand because it was a four core four thread processor versus a two core two thread processor and so that step up in processor core count was a big step however I believe that didn’t need passer of active cooling I did get quite toasty alright let’s go ahead open up and talk about the insides of them so neither of them were single hand open both need two hands to open them as far as the keyboards I definitely feel that the lenovo has a slight edge in the keyboard department but the Asus has a definite advantage with the trackpad I think the trackpad on the Asus is much better in fact one of the reasons why I went with a skin on the lenovo is the trackpad actually feels and tracks better with us the vinyl skin on there than it does without it gets kind of I don’t forget I would call it sticky but it just loses some of the initial feel that you get and then it just you know the the it doesn’t pick up your finger at least for me as well as it does with the vinyl skin on it I’ve not had any problems like that with Asus it’s been a great trackpad it has decent palm rejection when I’m typing at least from what I can tell you have typed a bit on it but not a ton but some emails here there and it’s been perfectly fine to use and the lenovo as well but the low of those keyboard has a better feel to it than the Asus it just is made of lightly heavier push on those keys and just a better tactile feel marginally better so not a huge huge difference the screens let’s see they’re not at their full brightness let’s see if I can get them up to their full brightness and sorry for the background for whatever reason every time I turn around it Microsoft picks up the background from my boy fifth anniversary ThinkPad alrighty so the Asus is but you know they have the same background you can kind of tell the Asus is a brighter screen than Lenovo it has similar but I feel slightly better viewing angles I turn these to the side trying to get those evenly I feel like it has slightly better viewing angles than the Lenovo but again if there is a difference it’s it’s very minor where it does shine is in the audio I believe I mentioned this in my initial video the speakers on the Asus are much bigger and they face more forward whereas the Lenovo they face more downwards they’re not nearly as big and they don’t have nearly the sound quality on them so let me go ahead bring up something that both of these can play and hopefully you can be able to hear the difference between the two I’ll just play a few seconds of it on each one so I don’t get hit by copyright hopefully do the Daft Punk posit and posit okay so we’re just going to listen to a few seconds of the Daft Punk track on each of these just to see if there is much of a difference I definitely didn’t hear it listening to them directly but I want to see if you can hear it in the through the camera and as you can tell the 3350 is home a lot slower than the 4000 that alone is worth the upgrade okay now we’re going to go ahead and get started here and I will do the easiest first switch over the Lenovo back to the easiest back to Lenovo all right let’s go to another one these are both a 40% volume on the system volume and 100% on YouTube you all right so they’re both again at 40% system volume 100% volume on YouTube and the volume difference between the two is huge the dynamic range of the Asus is huge so you can definitely hear more of the music with the Asus than you can with the lenovo obviously you’re not going to get a lot of bass that beakers are tiny they’re smaller than a quarter but you will definitely hear more of it still with a tzer’s I’ve had better luck with watching videos on it being able to hear people dialogue is a lot clearer a lot easier to hear so if you’re doing any kind of multimedia the Aizaz is by far this one to go with so what we’re gonna do now that’ll be the end of this video I’ll be posting one last one with some gaming on the Asus just a precursor things are looking pretty good there so I am gonna have to do a little bit of work for whatever reason I was going to do some diagnostic testing and some performance testing on it however there’s something that’s blocking that from running successfully I did run Cinebench on both of these and the difference between the two this is release 20 so it’s the one you get through the Microsoft Store and the Asus got a score of 192 and the lenovo got a score of 106 so I’d call that twice as fast on the Asus with that with that new processor so that new processor definitely is a big step up once I can get it to run the performance tests all update my spreadsheet I’ll put that in the link below and if you have any questions feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer those and look forward to the gaming video that will be coming out soon I just haven’t been able to get all the games on there I want yet so we’ll be doing that very shortly anyways thank you

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