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Black Friday Top Product Review

Apple Magic Mouse 2 Review

Apple magic mouse 2 black friday deals 2019 review
Written by Jacob

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Apple Magic Mouse 2 Black Friday deals 2019

Apple magic mouse 2 black friday deals 2019 review

Apple Magic Mouse Review

Let’s get into Apple Magic Mouse 2 Review

what is up ladies and gentlemen this is jeff benjamin with i download blog we are reviewing the magic mouse – from apple of course this is going to be from the perspective of a current magic mouse user i use the magic mouse one right now this is the Magic Mouse – it is not a super big upgrade like it’s not a very compelling upgrade it doesn’t like smack you in the face and tell you upgrade but as you go to see this Aricle. or as I’m going to talk about there are some features that you’re going to really appreciate about the Magic Mouse – that may make you want to upgrade now first of all let me just say that I personally am glad that I upgrade it because some of the things about the Magic Mouse of old really annoy me and the Magic Mouse – fixes those issues namely the batteries that is the big thing so let me just unbox this thing here for you this again is the Magic Mouse – and you can see the box looks like a bar of soap actually the box does and as usual Apple does a really good job with their packaging let’s turn it around here here’s the bottom of the Magic Mouse – you can see it looks very similar to the old Magic Mouse obviously you don’t have the removable back but you have that new lightning port for charging the internal battery you got some new newly redesigned rails there that looks similar to the old rails but the new rails are supposed to be better than the old rails in the old Magic Mouse so let’s finish the unboxing here here some documentation sheets and then below that you have the lightning cable which is nice I guess for Apple to include that in the package they could have said hey you need to supply your own lightning cable. let’s compare this to the outgoing Magic Mouse you can see the old Magic Mouse on the left in the new Magic Mouse on the right obviously the big difference here is the little compartment on the automatic Mouse that has the double-a batteries that you put in there the new Magic Mouse has no such compartment has a built-in lithium battery that’s rechargeable in two hours which is really nice you can fully recharge it in two hours lasts a month you can actually charge it for one minute and four hours worth of use out of your magic mouth so even though you can’t use it with it plugged in that kind of negates the complaint that you can’t use it while it’s plugged in because you can charge it so quickly now you’re going to notice some subtle differences between the two by and large though they’re basically the same exact Mouse from an aesthetic standpoint and from just a you standpoint if you didn’t like the old Magic Mouse you’re not going to like a new one I mean there’s nothing physically changed that’s going to change your opinion of the comfort level and things of that nature but you will notice because the new Magic Mouse has a built-in lithium battery it’s going to feel more solid because there aren’t any are not as many moving parts I should say as the old version and the new version is going to be a little bit lighter because you don’t have those double-a batteries one thing that I definitely noticed though is that the rails on the new Magic Mouse just seemed to make the Mouse glide smoother across the surface it’s just a more smooth movement across the surface I don’t know what it is the rails changed obviously but they’re not like a drastic change but they do make a difference in tracking across a desk now of course the big feature here is the inclusion of maybe a lightning port for charging and it comes with as you saw a lightning cable you just plug it in and the nice thing about this is that it allows your device to pair allows your mouse to pair immediately as soon as you plug it in and connect it to your Mac it just pairs there isn’t any bluetooth to finagle with obviously the mouse is still bluetooth but the connection the direct connection allows it to pair immediately so you don’t have to fool with bluetooth pairing yourself so you see that right there if you’ve ever had issues pairing a Bluetooth device with your math before you know how frustrating that can be well this completely eliminates the need for manual bluetooth pairing just plug it in to your Mac and you’re ready to go so ladies and gentlemen that is my take on the Magic Mouse 2 from Apple it is not a super compelling upgrade if you already own a Magic Mouse then the biggest feature here is the inclusion of an internal lithium battery that’s rechargeable that is the big headlining feature when it comes to the Magic Mouse – if you hate the Magic Mouse though this isn’t going change your mind on the mouse itself but if dealing with dead batteries that you have to replace is one of your main pain points from last generations magic mouse then the upgrade is worth considering

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